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Money and good behavior do not go together.


Morons supervised by liars

Under the thumb of thieves

At Judgment God will be able to say, “I told you so”: and No One, not one in a thousand, will get it!

As long as we grade our own papers, we’re in heaven; but if we wait, and see, we’ll be so dead we won’t even be in hell!

I’m not responsible for what’s true: I am responsible, at least in part, for what’s reasonable.

Entropy has no reverse.

With regard to biology, survival is the only value;
But when considering integrity … survival is trivial. Integrity is the only value.
(Should Jesus really have tried to stay alive? or Crazy Horse?)

What is it that I don’t know that I don’t know that I don’t know? I don’t know.

Should we be allowed to learn from Jesus after we’ve crucified him?

Even the new has a history.

Rulers don’t like leaders.

I don’t want to wait till the doctor, the cop, the expert tells me that the house is on fire.

Is everyone stupid? or dishonest?
No, no: we are stupid and dishonest!

From the cross, Jesus had a privileged view of Homo sap.

Science bypasses magic, kleptocracy bypasses science.

The bigger the truth, the longer the silence that will follow.

Revolution is risky; stagnancy is fatal.

Freedom is what we had millennia before we invented the word.

Experience dispels the need for faith.

The advertised purpose will seldom be the “real” purpose.

pk to Jan, her face bruised after surgery, 2011 06 24: “I know how beautiful you are, it doesn’t matter what you look like.”
(2013 03 26 So funny: yesterday she asked if I remebered her bruised face: I quoted the above, she didn’t remember! at first.)

We are the “Romans” parading as the “Christians.”
We are the “damned” parading as the “saved.”
We are “slaves” parading as “free.”

The US practices censorship — with a heavy hand, but hypocritically lauds liberty. Wouldn’t it be nice if China praised totalitarianism while actually practicing freedom?

The people don’t want honesty; they want only to buy counterfeit money at discount prices.

We don’t need Judgment. All we need is truth! And we can’t block that forever.

People who put up with fraud deserve nothing but fraud: and fraud is what they get.

Reason says Slow down, be careful; the manipulated market economy says Keep it floored!

Those who splurge on damnation shouldn’t be surprised that there’s no budget for salvation (and what budget there was got paid, right before our nose, to Satan, not to Jesus: churches, political parties … schools …)

People stupid as paint will still prove to be geniuses at self-deception.

Let the lynchers convince themselves that they’re the good guys, let the Christ killers believe that Jesus loves them.

There are no statistics if no one is counting (or if the counters miscount).

Martyrs still whisper wisdom even from the cross!

We spend our time in Disney World while Armageddon coils.

The Nazi thinks he’s winning, but it’s pathology which is winning!

Notice new information.

I’m a killer killing killers.

re: fishing

God will never be allowed near Judgment while IBM has the poker wad.

Property can’t be properly invented until kleptocracy is un-invented.

It’s so funny to review the Founding Fathers talking as though discussions could be reasonable.

There are true “facts” mixed in with our fictitious facts. But which are which?

The past seems less confused because we know so much less about it.

So long as the poison is poison, and not what the government, the media, the universities … say it is, then, good, we’re doomed.

… abusers are licensed by the kleptocracy, related to how much school they’ve consumed. New money goes where old money has already been wasted.

Everything in kleptocracy has to translate through some bureaucrat, or some military moron …

No solution is final.
Or: The only solution that’s final is extinction.

I wear my punishments as badges of honor.

Thus far the society has failed.

The New Testament is the past tense of the Old Testament.

Imagine a Judgment where how many boats we missed get compared to how many we caught.

Contradictions go together like strawberries and cream.

Hell is still today wearing yesterday’s costume.

Facilitate: don’t regulate: All public information should be freely available
through a single institution:
locally maintained,
globally coordinated.
No censorship
No coercion
No licensing.

from FLEX

Authorities are typically retrograde.

The society was dispensable to me, not my values.

These last two are from emails to an old girlfriend (dating c. 1957),
a black woman .

Our worst addiction is money, administered by authority. The addicted anesthesioogist takes all the anesthesia.

Something I said once as an art dealer:

Any work of art has three values:
1) the value it had to the artist in creating it,
2) the value it has to its owner in owning it,
3) what you can sell it for:
And the three have nothing to do with each other.

Pilat not understanding what God says does not refute what God says.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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