Cosmo Status

Is our cosmology active? or passive? (Or Not Applicable?)

Let me rephrase that: Does God have free will?
If he talked before, could he shut up now? If he said No more floods yesterday, could he flood us to hell and gone today?
Does God dare do anything the priests haven’t already trained us that he’ll do?

If an atheist develops a theory for gravity, or natural selection, or invents a really neat theorem, does that have anything to do with theology? with cosmology? If God talked to Einstein but Einstein isn’t a good practicing Catholic, does it count? Will the priests stop it from counting?

If the rabbis stop Jesus from talking, can the rabbis then prove that Jesus had nothing to say?
Or will God prove that the rabbis belong in hell, forever?

Here: this is trickier: unless you see that it’s really still the same question:
When Jesus, on the cross, was suffering from dehydration, among every other suffering, and some Roman lifer stuck a sponge in his face saturated not with water but vinegar, and Jesus flinched, and groaned, suffering a new rip in his ribs, in his groin, in his soul, who was really in charge of what was going on? The lifer with the sponge? the centurion waiting with the spear? God in heaven? Could it have been Jesus?
Could Jesus have been dialing up the future from the cross? Could Jesus have intended to rip his ribs, further agonize his groin, knowing that doing so would add another trillion years to the sponge-wielder’s punishment in hell?

In other words, the new rip in Jesus hurt, really hurt; but Jesus is really on his way back to heaven, a few hours of torture on earth is nothing if your eye is fixed on where you’ll be in a day or two. Ah, but the Roman sadist! The redneck bully, the tormenter …

Appearance, reality … Who can tell?

Imagine the Jew imagining the Nazi in torment, forever, and offering his nuts to be kicked, again, and again, relishing his agony, knowing what it will mean to his tormentor, once God takes over.

Once God takes over. Until God takes over, there are no facts, we won’t know what’s true, what’s real, what’s cause and what effect …

To know anything, an intelligence would have to be present! an honest intelligence!

Our inability to recognize an intelligence, our impulse to crucify whatever hints of intelligence, doesn’t compel the universe to be this way or that. Idiots’ belief that there’s no such thing as truth, or that truth is manipulable, has no bearing on reality: does it?
Imagine a chief smiling, his last blood seeping away, as he watches his children being butchered by Yahoos from Washington. Missionary Yahoos! with freckles, chanting about God, chanting about their ethics, their exceptionalism

Cosmology Etc.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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