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Christian N

Semiotics / What do words mean? Do they mean what the dictionary says? or what the speaker intends? Or what the listener understands? Do words mean anything reliable at all? Christian: Does “Christian” mean that the subject believes that God … Continue reading

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Free Market Rescue

Guy goes ice fishing, Ontario, falls through the ice, drags himself out, clings to a stump. He calls 911, the fire dept comes, rescues him. OK, now dig it: the fire dept sends him a bill, $5,000 for responding to … Continue reading

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Bread a Nickel

1975 or so. My teaching, my student hood, my founding the Free Learning Exchange has busted me; now, founding PK Fine Arts, Ltd. is trickling me some income, giving me respectability, the society hates reformers, hates critics, but loves entrepreneurial … Continue reading

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Warming Without Warning

Civilization clips its own whiskers: a type of self-imposed lobotomy. I was a young adult before I ever heard an explanation for whiskers on animals: cats for instance. The cat’s whiskers, or the rat’s, are as wide as the cat’s … Continue reading

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Larson, Beasts

/ Reading Notes / Erik Larson, In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin Erik Larson writes some terrific non-fiction, compelling, panoramic: accurate I presume. Jan and I are reading this book aloud to … Continue reading

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Back Seat Mom

2013 Wow, what a great Australian tennis open. Jan got a new TV, the high definition helped me see the ball, the lines, the score board better than I had in years. One good thing about age taking away my … Continue reading

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Sonnet 58

That god forbid, that made me first your slave, 
I should in thought control your times of pleasure, 
Or at your hand the account of hours to crave, 
Being your vassal, bound to stay your leisure! 
O! let me suffer, … Continue reading

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