Free Market Rescue

Guy goes ice fishing, Ontario, falls through the ice, drags himself out, clings to a stump. He calls 911, the fire dept comes, rescues him.

OK, now dig it: the fire dept sends him a bill, $5,000 for responding to his 911 call!

I love it. I’m reminded of a number of things from my own life. 1) My park’s manager attacks me from behind, then calls the cops, says I attacked him. I’m a bloody pulp, broken bones from where I tried to cover up as he pummeled me, pacifist Christian me didn’t fight back.

pk after being assaulted by Mike Lacroix

Cops come, look at me, look at him, maybe his fists are sore from savaging me, otherwise he’s fine. The cops arrest both of us!
First thing I did was tell my girl, second thing I did was get a neighbor to take my fresh bloody picture (above). Now all I want is to wash up, rinse my bloody mouth, finish spitting my broken teeth out. But the cop with me in custody wants to take me to the hospital before he takes me to the precinct station.
What I want to know is: who’s responsible for the bill? The cop? He’s the one who took me, the hospital was his idea. The landlord? He’s the one who’d imbued the manager with the idea that we were Nazi Germany, that this brown shirt could terrorize the tenants with impunity: and that terrorizing me was de rigor. I try to be the public’s conscience, a watch dog, any thugs will want to shoot the watch: happens to me all the time, always has.

If I go to a restaurant and order the lobster I expect to be responsible for the bill. But if I go to a restaurant and order a hot dog but the waiter says, Oh, you must try the lobster, and brings me the lobster, I think I should be responsible for the hot dog and the waiter should be responsible for the lobster! If I ask a girl to diner, she expects the waiter to give the bill to me, doesn’t she? I think the cop should have to pay my hospital bill, then the cop should be reimbursed by the landlord. or by the society itself: Sebring Gardens, Sebring FL. It’s Florida and Sebring that suckers Yankees into his maw so that locals don’t have to pay for services the Yanks can be stuck for.

2) I remember a party in high school, my buddies and I all got drunk as skunks, as usual, I went home, the others went joy riding, five guys in Bornie’s Mercury rod, drove through a telephone pole. Roger had twenty-seven stitches just in the one cut on his forehead! Don was found wandering around a whole town away, the only guy able to walk or crawl after the impact. First thing Roger’s mom knows about it is the cop rings her bell, says your son is in the hospital, and drops a bill on her for the broken telephone pole!
Roger wasn’t driving! But it was Roger’s head that severed the pole!

UFO 911
UFO 911
thanx disclose

Meantime, the guy in Ontario doesn’t think he should have to pay the bill. He thinks that responsibility for rescue services will discourage people from asking to be rescued.
Maybe they should be discouraged from asking to be rescued! Did the fire department send him ice fishing?

Maybe the 911 operator should have given him a menu of choices when he was clinging to the stump in the ice water. Maybe the fire department should have to publish its price list in the paper every week.

I can just see it: the Nazi knocks down the Jew, knocks out his teeth, steals the gold from the broken teeth, bills the Jew for dental services!

Jan just visited, on her way back from the doctor. She reminded me that Ontario has socialized medicine: the Communists don’t have to pay for the ambulance, for the ER … Ah, but this was the fire dept, I emphasized. In the perfect Communist society no one would be responsible for anything, no learning could take place, best way to get rid of everybody, total social control, total, totally fatal, stupidity.

Social Order

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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