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Resigned Pope

The Pope is resigning! this February! I’ll develop two important angles on this news: catch the gist of both before changing channels. 1) If the Church represents God, and if God is really god, and god is true, then we … Continue reading

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Semiotic Solipsism

Movies / The Matrix 1999 Semiotics: the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. Solipsism: the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist. The unsophisticated assume that normal human senses, … Continue reading

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Kung Fu Belts

My grandson has been studying kung fu for a few years now. The kids endured a two-hour test, then had a ceremony bestowing belts. Neat pix, I’ll edit (re-size) and share. Meantime emails have been going back and forth. I … Continue reading

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Doctor Don Stories

/ Stories / Others / I loved my father as a kid. I loved my father no matter how little I saw him, no matter how passed-out drunk he was, how falling-down-stupid, when I did see him. The dude's picture, … Continue reading

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Bauer, Ancient

Reading Notes / Susan Wise Bauer, History of the Ancient World thanx The Bauer book should help me detail a major pk point, one I’ve been making online for decades, from soap boxes, from my fiction for coming up … Continue reading

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pk on Rhetoric

I’ve mentioned repeatedly how I fit ecology into my English teaching in 1967, 68: I assigned a NYT article contemplating global warming and so forth to my students as an example of contemporary rhetoric! I also assigned a passage or … Continue reading

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Paul & Jan, New Years

Just got a couple of pix of Jan and me at the New Years Dance: Three years in a row now Jan has dressed me in her husband’s tux shirt with accessories from my grandfather’s jewelry box. No tie, no … Continue reading

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