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The media are paid to sell the good news. They don’t write the good news: it’s delivered to them written, composed, edited, complete. The media do partly write the bad news: and use it the better to display the good news: like a jeweler nesting the big diamond amid a shower of lesser jewels. The media had better get it right; or the media don’t get paid. The Media might get sued. When Anheuser Bush is paying so many millions of dollars for thirty seconds of Super Bowl ad space, the network better have a clear signal: and a hundred million people sitting by the tube. The same principle holds for the perfume ad in the local paper.
The advertiser, not the newspaper editor, writes the ad. The newspaper places it according to the price of the ad space. The media does have to worry about how good the whole shmear looks.
When I was a kid I delivered papers for the National Review Star. The old alchie who distributed the papers to the newsboys spoke with condescension about the competition newspaper, NewsDay, calling it Ad Day. The Star was modeled on The Times. The Times is modeled on the oldest, snootiest line of evolution of newspapers dating from the Eighteenth Century: The Spectator, The London Times … The Times has a good, readable set of fonts (which I switch to here for the moment to remind you), but the title Times itself appears in a special font, imitating the fractur fonts of the Germans. Yes, German was once a snooty language: still is in some circles: associated with scholarly integrity.

Bad News

The media are pressured to carry the news about the war and about the election. That news is handed to them pretty well already written. The rest they can just make up. There’s always a crime or a disaster somewhere: probably close to home.

2013 03 15 Today I concentrate on restoring my Media section: I’ll mount first, check the sense second. Most of this is from the early 2000s: all rife with reference to McLuhan.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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