Famine & War

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Famine & War: Pentti Linkola

I’ve been linking to Die-Off.com for years and years. Only today [early 2000s] do I realize that I have yet said not one word about Pentti Linkola. I quote what I got from Paul Quinnett a decade or so ago:

The Finnish fisherman and philosopher Pentti Linkola, who spends most of his time fishing and thinking about the world’s problems, says that what the world needs most right now is a famine and a good war. By wiping out most of the human race, the rest of nature might have a chance. Linkola compares humanity to a sinking ship with 100 passengers and a lifeboat that can hold ten. “Those who hate life try to pull more people on board and drown everybody. Those who love and respect life use axes to chop off the extra hands hanging on the gunwale.” You may think Mr. Linkola a crank or crazy, but in fishing- and nature-loving Finland, he is a national symbol and one of the country’s most celebrated authors.

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