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Societies are staged. Populations are audiences, captured by the magicians, and forced to cooperate in the illusion. Churches were once the main institution dedicated to propagating the illusions designed not to tell any truth related to the survival of the species, but very much designed to maintain the privilege of certain magicians: against rivals, of course: and the truth is always a rival. The truth must never be tolerated.

Truth tellers get beat up and thrown into the alley behind the theater. If they reenter the theater, they’re quickly dispatched: to a grave, to jail, to a cross.

No magicians are more important to a modern kleptocracy than the media executives.

Magicians never merely lie. There’s always enough truth in their patter to allow the audience to believe that they merely slipped if they’re exposed.

Before reading further in this module please heed my recommendation that you already know two or three key modules on my analyses of magic in history and society:

Magic: Father to Politics & Religion
Magic: Sacred and Secular
Magic: God, Country

Cavemen could make whatever mistakes about nature they wanted to: it was merely their survival that was at stake. But modern kleptocracies have gambled all our marbles that alpha morons can safely be ignorant of nature: all that counts is the kleptocracy’s capital investment in staged illusion.

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Once upon a time all “western” societies had pooled all their (and your) marbles under the fiction that the universe was created by an alpha kleptocrat, a single omniscient executive: with a name, that in English we call “God”: though some of us will also recognize variants such as “Jehovah,” “Yahweh,” or “Allah” … 

Humans for the last bunches of centuries, groupable by tens or twelves, have had to be trained to two classes of delusion: there are the sacred magicians who convince children from infancy that they and their brotherhood represent this alpha kleptocrat. These sacred magicians have ben forced, and I emphasize “force,” to make way for secular magicians.

The sacred magicians have been parasitizing the public since far far into pre-history on the basis of delusions the public had invented on its own, that magic could make the sun rise, indeed, that the sun could’t rise without the specific magic to make it do so: thus none would live if the parasites weren’t tithed. 10% of the culture’s gross product once sufficed to feed and cloth the magicians who made the sun rise in comforts ranging toward magnificence.

(Sometimes the magicians had to invent special sacrifices of their own to earn their priviledged tenure: they cut their balls off, they took pledges of celibacy …)

In time a rival class of magicians arose: the secular magicians. The secular magicians left it to the sacred magicians to make the sun rise, the seasons turn, the rain fall … The scular magicians could only have come into being after some cultural economy accumulted surpluses: an economy such as (first) agriculture … (and later, industry, electronics, information …) The new magicians initially had the role of protecting the surplus. You didn’t ask the priest to cease making it rain to guard the barn from enraged nomads whose herds had been disrupted by converting ever more land to agriculture. (One acre for wheat doesn’t cange much: every arable acre fenced off changes everything: and not just for humans and their parasites.)


“Jehovah,” “Yahweh”:

Stop right there: I am not and have never been an atheist. For decades I believed that I was an intimate of God’s: a special servant, one for whom society’s normal tortures for independent thinking would be not harmless, but relatively unfelt; because my soul was secure in God’s bosom, not matter what the society was doing to my body: from forcing me to attend school, from drafting me into the army, rendering me unemployable, sundering my family, perverting my son …

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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