From Church to University

Don’t forget: churches are older than universities. Churches worshipped the God, formed monasteries to keep and copy holy writ, perpetuating and rationalizing the mis-copyings, there being no original manuscript to correct from (who knows if there ever had been, the myths being emergent). Anyway, the church is older, much older, than the university. And the monastery is younger than the church, but older than the university: the monastery is the parent of the university. As my History of Schools and Universities recounts, the monasteries copied the holy writs, then discovered some secular writs they also wanted to copy: the ancient Greeks, for example, some Roman poets: Aristotle, Plato … Virgil, Ovid … (Ovid really rocked the medievals, talking about guys with knotholes to girls in the toilet.)

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but read the Ovid

Medieval universities were a minor affair until the church monasteries found lots and lots of secular writ. Then, hitting lots of rocks along the way, the two publishing ventures hit orbit velocity with the invention of printing. They were once distinct, then they blurred. But …

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Don’t blame Heloise,
it was Abelard’s philosophy they castrated.

Most of all don’t forget: the Church is what’s left over after the state has crucified the God!
The university is what’s left over after both church and state have tortured the philosophers: killed Socrates, taken Abelard’s balls, subverted pk’s writing, taken his living.

What’s left over after that? Global warming. And denial.

Global warming
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And an earth that never needed us in the first place.

PS Swiping a graphic for “global warming” from, a mag that makes light of it, treats science as political, actually, they’re more right than they know! But it made me recall one of my favorite jail stories, told at! Yay!, and, checking that out I see I hadn’t finished the story. So I’ll correct that other post right now.

PPS Speaking of age, of paternity, of provenance, the church is older than the state. Or perhaps I should say that once upon a time there was no distinction between sacred power and secular power: all group decisions and enforcements would have been accompanied by ritual. I don’t doubt that our ancient ancestors knew better than to take ritual too literally: or, better, yet, literal wasn’t yet separated: just as sacred and secular weren’t yet separated. All these distinctions come later, much later.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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