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The state protects us. So that’s what all those bombs are for, all those planes, all those armies.
Sounds good, protection (at first, to the naive).

Mom protects baby. That’s good, no question. Dad protects mom: and baby. And, years later, another baby! That’s how Adam was different from his ape father: he kind of stuck to Eve, through a couple of kids! That’s good, no question, what makes us modern, what gives us an even partial claim on the idea of intelligence, or the idea of sentience.

Adam & Eve
Adam & Eve
thanx manualparatorpes

But at some point sonny doesn’t want dad (or mom) to protect him. Take the training wheels off! Bad Mom screams, No, no, my baby. Good mom, good dad, step back, let the kid try the bike without the training wheels. Of course it’s dangerous, sure he could get hurt, killed maybe. But raising a castrati is a guaranteed disaster. In this universe. (Maybe they’d be just the ticket in some other universe.)

So the state taxes, says it’s for defense: defense in Pearl Harbor (before Hawaii was a state), defense in the Phillipines, defense in Guantanamo. Castro never attacked that little piece of Cuba, did he? He knew what was aimed at him.
These are the good bombs, the good guns … the good guys; those are the bad guys, rights don’t apply to bad guys, they don’t deserve any laws.

I was just fashioning a new repository for my forty-three years of babble about schools’ real purpose: sure, to “educate”: but what else too? How often is the invisible reason more primary than the supposed reason? And I found myself commenting that the ancients’ rituals would not have distinguished between sacred and secular
The Church attempts to make all distinguish between Catholic priest (good priest, true priest, licensed priest) and all other priests.

Last month I met some bureaucrats who couldn’t distinguish clearly between federal, state, and local in coerced government: a clinic, wasn’t sure how the bills got paid: no accident, I’m sure.

Now I’ve got to say something I’ve been ranting about publicly for forty-three years, since reading Illich, since founding Free Learning Exchange: the state uses (abuses) its power to license to enforce a burgeoning number of shady distinctions while breeding new ones.

Illich emphasized school. Once your parents taught you, your family, your neighbors, your society … experience, your own brains … Then the state takes you from your parents, puts you in school, stacks the school with state-trained “teachers” … Ha, ha, ha. Notice how many geniuses, scientists, poets … are barred from the school, flushed if they got in somehow by accident. So: parents get demoted; robot morons promoted. The individual … never mind the individual, there aren’t any, anymore, haven’t been for some time. Or very few, starving, hoarse from screaming.

Illich emphasized medicine. Once upon a time you healed, in time, your “body” healed itself. Maybe you had help from Mom, maybe too from Auntie Witch, maybe Auntie Witch knew herbs, roots, berries … brews, lotions.

Big Brother
thanx wigderson

Now the state takes care of its poor helpless immature infants, the voters, ha ha. The Big Brother Knows Best state permits you to be cared for: by a cadre of robot trained morons, the cadre of the medical industry: doctors, nurses, Big Pharm, the legitimate, licensed drug makers drug dealers, interferers, the guys who crucify a Walter Reed before they deify him. Ponder Illich’s example: the demise of the midwife: get the experience woman out of the birthing area and wedge in some male All Thumbs from Cambridge. Well, if we’re committing suicide, how better to do it?

Adam named the beasts. Are his descendant competent to name anything? Are any of our taxonomies wise? true? mature?

Sacred / Secular: distinct? Rubbish.
Amateur / Professional: distinct? Rubbish.
Teacher / Moron: distinct? Rubbish.
Doctor / Killer: distinct? Rubbish.

German / English / Yiddish / Dutch … distinct? Rubbish.
Science / Superstition: distinct? Rubbish.

Defense / Offense: distinct? Rubbish.

2017 06 29 I just watched a series of Clint Eastwood scenes on YouTube, the Fistful character and also Dirty Harry. The latter duplicated James Bond 007 amazingly: licensed to kill. Imagine Third Reich goons allowed to blitz starving Jews with a rolling Big Bertha.

Of course the state is licensed to kill: the Hitlers just have to say so.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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