Rehearsal in Delusion

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Simultaneously & Contrarily

Schools rehearse the compliant in a rote rehearsal of defiance. “We’re all individuals,” we chorus like Rockettes. See? the fierce football players gang-tackle the gook (when the coach, the investors, the owners … tell them to.) (When the coach … tells them to gang tackle the “commie,” the “terrorist,” or the “kike” … whoever the coach is pointing his finger at will get tackled. The priests who ganged up on Jesus were schooled in advance of the modern school system.)

If a school system hobbles a young Alexander till he’s too old and slow to conquer the world, that might not be an altogether bad thing. (Except where conquest is the only thing that could save us.) (As a young minister told me once, the only thing that could reform us would be to be conquered by a superior civilization. (The Kingdom of God?)) If a school system hobbles (as it does) young Newtons, Mozarts, Einsteins …, that may not be so good.

Unless the species has recognized that intelligence was an evolutionary mistake (at least in our case), and the ecology is now maneuvering to rid us of that defect, school being the improvised intellectomy-tool: what’s the difference whether it’s as sharp as a scalpel or as blunt as a cudgel so long as it gets the job done?

Societies are systems of belief, not empirical systems. “America” will be just as rigorous as St. Paul in his arguments against reason and for faith.

The thing is, by now all have noticed: Christianity is a religion: religions are not rational. But only a few today have yet noticed: US is a religion: very rapidly becoming Catholic. There are long lines of wogs waiting to pledge their allegiance in my stead. Dirty WASP! Throw him on the dung heap.

You can translate that to mean: if he doesn’t want an unfair chance to monopolize 70% of the world’s wealth for 1% of the population, don’t let him have any wealth. Don’t even allow him to feed. Give it to Me, Me, Me!

School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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