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Cloning Culture (When Our Culture Is Kleptocracy)

Illich said it. I can’t overemphasize it. School is society’s reproductive organ. But it’s a vegetative process — budding; not sexual reproduction : in sexual reproduction different informations mix: to unpredictable results. The results of schools are highly predictable.
The school does not engage in education or learning: it dispenses it. The school isn’t a communication system: it’s a broadcasting system. It dispenses messages; it doesn’t receive them.
What school does wonderfully well is propagate the kleptocracy’s basic message to its new cells:
Submit: and (maybe) you’ll be allowed to live.

What Christmas tells children at high volume and on every channel for a month or so before the winter solstice, the school tells children in a never-flagging whisper, five days a week, for ever more of the children’s year:
Submit to absurdity or you’ll get at best a minimum share of the kleptocracy’s loot.

That minority of children who seem to submit well, regurgitating what’s poured into them without choking or carrying on, get a special formula of the message:
Submit to absurdity gladly, submit to it well, and you’ll not just be on the dole of the loot, you’ll participate in the doling.

Some few not only participate in the dole but get to live in the palace. Truly glad participants, ones who wouldn’t dream of giving the game away, may even get to abuse living in the palace. Now that’s real success, abusing your position: get blow jobs under the desk, get to bomb poor people in far away countries.
(I don’t mean drop the bombs: some loser does that; I mean order the dropping: decide who lives and who dies: in numbers the most insane Caesar never dreamed of. Poor Muslims in Afghanistan don’t get no loot. They don’t get to live!)
If you still say that Santa brings the loot even after you’ve caught your parents wrapping the gift, you’re well ready for school. If you can remember how to spell “principle” from “principal” because the head administrator of your school is your “princi-pal“; if you can still say that Christians follow Jesus, or that churches serve God, or that government serves the People, or that Democracy is by the People, or that ETS tests intelligence … by the time you graduate, why then you’re ready for … a life time of … more of the same.

My graduate school told me what English was; it never heard a thing I said about what English was. But then society in general has never heard a thing I’ve said back to it.
I would rather fail to live than to abase myself to absurdity. I do want to live: just get out of my way and let me do it.
I also say
There really are great teachers: Ivan Illich, Bucky Fuller, Gregory Bateson, Jared Diamond … You just don’t listen to them (or to pk, trying his best).

School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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