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Please notice: many of the points made in this sub-directory are subsumable under a heading of Industrialism: or of mass production; of centralization; or standardization …
Present-generation Illich disciple John Quintero tells this previous-generation Illich disciple that Ivan Illich has recently [2002] been engaged in composing an explanation for the public’s failure to support the learning exchanges of the early 1970s.

Explanation: Mapping experience onto a tautology

Of course Knatz.com is also (in large part) an attempt to explain it (and related phenomena).

It’s March 2002, and I’m just getting around to a classic from the decade following the attempts by Illich and disciples (preeminently pk) to offer networking to the public and for the public (if not by the public) — and that is Alvin Toffler’s The Third Wave [NY, 1980] — and I find that that work is itself an explanation: at least in its implications. In brief:
The “first wave” of civilization followed from the invention of agriculture. That civilization grew unchecked until the inventions of industrial methods (which divorce production from use), the “second wave” of civilization, swamped the first. Now Toffler says that a “third wave” is beating against the second and that second wavers are fighting to stay dominant: the momentum inexorably gathering against them.
Lenin was against Capital but for Industry. Reagan was for Capital, against big government, but likewise, for Industry (and therefore, big government grew bigger). Industry makes a few of us very “rich” (strictly by monetary values) while increasingly rendering the earth unfit for living by any but crabs and cockroaches (and, of course, the bacteria). (Bacteria may fare well no matter what humans do.)
Lenin and Reagan see problems but will defend Industry and the industrial mode to the death. Second wavers like Lenin and Reagan can’t distinguish their upgrade (Illich, pk, Quintero) from their enemy. Those of us who would prefer a humble, convivial mankind must shun the industrial mode. Unfortunately, we will die before any “third wave” (whatever it’s finally revealed nature may be) has swept the second wave from dominance. After all, centuries after the second wave came along, there are still plenty of first wave princes in power: and one or two, very few, zero-wave humans not yet herded either onto a farm or into a school (and then factory or office). Yes, there are one or two: in Borneo, in the deserts of Africa: one or two still not exterminated from the South American jungle.
I hope the “third wave” doesn’t exterminate anyone. Left alone, first and second wavers will die eventually: of purely natural causes.
One example I intend to employ when I can return to developing this file quotes Henry Ford. Colt invented interchangeable parts. Ford employed the principle of assembly line production on an unprecedentedly massive scale. In the days of the Model T, old Henry said, “You can have any color you want so long as it’s black.”

mass model T
Ford, Ford, Ford
thanx futuristspeaker

Industrial Age “democracy” à la the United States created mass education to turn its citizens out by similar principles. You can believe in any god you want: so long as Ford is his prophet. You can say anything you want: so long as it embodies all the assumptions of industrialism, all the fallacies. You can hold any principles you want: so long as they’re “vanilla.”
I know from experience: say anything that isn’t vanilla to your klockwork professors at your assembly line university … and it simply won’t register. Galileo’s skeptics might as well have looked through Galileo’s telescope: they wouldn’t have seen anything unorthodox. Jupiter’s moons would have registered on the retina but not on the orthodox mind. Free speech, free conscience, works great if the ruling majority is deaf and blind to all but the Program.
I’ll also have to work in an association Ford’s quip always gives me with one of Hitler’s: Adolph was fond of repeating “There’s always one of two possibilities.”
Check that utterance with your logic teacher. (Sorry I don’t have the quote in German.)

School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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