School as Reproductive Organ

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School as Society’s Reproductive Organ

The image is Illich’s. I wish to consider the metaphor in some detail.
Snakes breed. Spiders breed. So do cockroaches, crabs. Viruses. I don’t mind. It’s natural. It’s life.
Societies, cultures breed. Why not? They too are alive in a sense. I’m not against reproduction: I’m against coercion.
I’m further against trickery that gets the suckers to pay for the reproduction of the tricksters. Should minorities, for example, pay taxes to a society that oppresses them?
Should those of quality skills support supervision of the more skilled by the less skilled? Should ignorance have veto power over knowledge? I say that the school system accomplishes all of those evils.
What I mind is paying coerced taxes so kleptocracy can reproduce itself.

Automated replication
Automated Replication
thanx wikimedia

School is a mower that cuts the citizenry to a uniform appearance. (Actual uniformity would be evolutionary death: a self-castration.)

I have an enormous amount of material not yet coded into HTML for inclusion in this and other such folders. Were I ever to be able to express and mount it all, some I don’t doubt would turn out to be redundant. But if I don’t, you’ll never know what you missed. Ideally, I’ll write it all, then edit it down toward something efficient.

2004 01 09 A prime purpose of “education” via schooling is to rehearse a public in prerequisites for a culture. If the leaders want to burn witches, then they do well to make sure that everyone on the jury will believe in witches: or this or that god; or this or that myth; this or that cosmology …
Living creatures cannot be blocked from learning, but school governs the “learning”: pre-treats it.
Universities too. Don’t think for a second that I’m exempting universities. The tenured faculty will be reliable in treating Galileo worse than the cardinals, not better: or Jesus, or Freud … Any real thinker.

In the human hive the cells of the endowed larvae are always tending to enlarge,
and their food to improve, until we get queens beautiful to behold,
but which gather no honey and build no court.
Universities, Actual and Ideal, Gertrude Kelly

2013 04 12 I just added the above graphic: and it takes me back to a delicious evening in the sculpture garden at MOMA, 1950-something. Guy presented a sculpture which destroyed itself. Just as its last component was about to topple, a little baby machine leapt from its belly and scurried out of reach. 1958, ’59 …

School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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