Majority Delusion

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People are impressed by numbers, by quantity. Majorities give the illusion of unanimity. Unanimity gives the illusion of rightness. Anyone standing amid one of Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies would think the Third Reich was invincible: permanent: loved of Mars and God and Jesus. In 1968, among themselves in their numbers, the radicals at Berkeley seemed so right, so much the majority: their opponents in Washington DC, in Kansas, in Idaho … seemed impossibly remote, alien, incomprehensible. And visa versa of course.
Schools take everybody, in all their weirdness, all their difference, and repackage them into the appearance of a standard brand. If you can imitate some imaginary majority, simulate standard-ness, then you have a meal ticket for as long as the majority rules. (Why that must be forever: mustn’t it?) You’ll never conquer the world, but you’ll always have a pension. Truth seekers, honest intellects, lovers of diversity, of difference, of information … have no place here.
In my public school we all chorused, “We don’t parrot back here”: like good parrots. My graduate school charged big bucks for the privilege of sitting in front of some gin-lush faggot while he primped and preened and then told us, again and again, exactly what questions he would ask us on the orals and exactly what answers he liked. I wouldn’t do it. I didn’t like his answers any more than I liked him. Even if I did intend to give “his” answer, I intended to disguise it as though it wasn’t his answer.
Every Jew knows instantly how to identify himself as a Jew, every Catholic as a Catholic, every Protestant as a Protestant.
Every colored person knows how to identify himself as a colored person, every negro as a negro, every Negro as a Negro, every Black as a Black, every Afro-American as an Afro-American. Will the Zulu who didn’t go to school in America have a clue? No: he’ll wind up sorted with the “other.”
Existence is an intelligence test of sorts. Matter has had a passing grade for upwards of ten billion “years.” It’s too soon to tell whether human intelligence gets a pass or a fail, but I’m afraid that human social intelligence is cruising for a bruising. Imagine that the Alpha alphas arrive from Centurius Alpha. They’re here to “Serve Mankind.” “Will all of you people please arrange yourselves in order of intelligence? Thank you.” Kissinger puts himself first, Kennedy second, Life Magazine puts the astronauts third, Harvard steps forward and puts itself fourth. …
Does anyone really believe that a real god at a real “judgment day” would accept any human organization of itself into a hierarchy? Ah, yes, the Pope. You’ll be third in command behind my son, your cardinals will be fourth in command behind you. … In your Catholic Church there is no discrepancy between truth and advertising, between map and territory. I’ll punish whoever the teacher has already punished and reward whoever the teacher has already rewarded.
A new super-gorgeous flying saucer arrives and whisks them all away.

flying saucer
thanx brooklynbrewery

Forget about whether the flying saucer is really an oven or not: just consider: would we really have lost any serious intelligence?
What if they took all humans, including you and me. Would we really have lost any serious intelligence?

School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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