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These points are another view of Illich’s point that schools are society’s reproductive organ. I certainly cede the society’s “right” to reproduce itself; what I do not yield is party A’s right to coerce funds from parties B, C, and D to teach party A’s orthodoxy.
Schools are instructed in orthodoxy and in orthodoxy only. Say something unorthodox, something original, for example, and you will not be heard. Repeat it for forty years. Repeat it long after the school has dropped you or you’ve dropped the school. The schooled public will not hear. Unorthodox points simply do not register on ears trained for orthodoxy.

Unorthodox points simply do not register on ears trained for orthodoxy.

If you don’t see what I’m talking about with regard to schools (what else is new?), try a parallel investigation. Look up some old view that the Catholic Church once burned people for. (Or, make up any view other than that taught by the priests.) Present it to a priest. He’ll blink, and repeat the orthodoxy. (If he’s literate enough to recognize the orthodoxy (don’t hold your breath), then he’ll simply ID your “fallacy” with a label and close his mind to any further input from you.) (That is: a logical straw man will be assigned to you.)

A paper that Richard Nixon wrote in law school was printed in newspapers some years back, the effort being, if I recall, to convince the citizenry that Nixon had once upon a time been truly upright. Find and read that paper. I find it to be the essence, the distillation, the Original Platonic Form, for American orthodoxy re: the Balance of Power. Nixon’s law professor found it to be the finest paper on the Constitution he’d ever read! It was pure parrotry: emphasis on “pure” as well as on “parrotry.” Contrast what Robert Frost said about great poetry: he said:

A good poem may make you feel, Ah, that’s exactly how I feel; but a great poem makes you feel, Whoa, I’ve never thought that before at all: but I’ll be careful to feel that way in future.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of the gospels’ contrast between Jesus’ reception by the priests at age twelve and his reception by the priests once he was actively engaged in his own ministry. They put a star on the forehead of the boy. I don’t doubt that the immature Jesus shone with orthodoxy: the perfect Jewish boy.

Jesus @ 12
thanx deseretnews

But the adult Jesus had new messages: possibly “from God.” Uh oh. Verboten. Go to the priest and you will never hear a new message from God. But Boy, will he have the old ones right! (“Right” according to convention.)
If we lived in some clan millennia ago, we’d know to imitate our fellows before we were weaned: We Little Enders crack our eggs at the little end of the egg: or We Blayleway know never to look on the bare breasts of our mother-in-law. The problem with the world today is that modern kleptocracies terrorize the citizenry during a conquest, ruthlessly killing as many as necessary to pacify them (never more than 10%: people are suicidally courageous in small numbers, not large), and then they just tax and spend, spending the taxes of Little Enders and Blayleway to teach Big Ender theology. The American harvester swept up all the left over Oneidas and Lakotas, mixed them with excess populations from Germany, from Ireland, from Italy … to take taxes from the excess Germans, and Chinese … to teach little Wong Lee, little Running Bear, little Rocco, and little Paddy how to be a good little English boy.

Once upon a time the conquering culture would have killed all the conquered males, and then sorted the women and children for slaughter, for servitude, or for adoption. Women and children have known the lesson of the Vicar of Bray for hundreds or thousands of years: change color to please the conqueror. Mature males don’t re-brainwash as reliably. Little Enders and Blayleway would have been 90% slaughtered and 10% absorbed. After absorption, they would have been 100% Big Enders. That was before the invention of civilization: where luxury is the favored commodity and luxury depends on slavery. When the machine-slaves have no more cheap fuel, your head will spin at how fast we revert to human slaves: not just wage slaves, and school slaves. The civilized culture demands a huge excess population: for cheap labor. Whey did Americans want the poor of other nations? Why to dig the canals, to lay the tracks, to install the infrastructure; certainly not to share resources with them, certainly not equally.

I intended to come here today [early 2000s?], to be efficient, to make my point, and to move on to other pressing points in other sections of Knatz.com and of Macroinformation. Not for the first time, I’ve started blathering. Good and true things, yes, but not tight and efficient. I’ll have to fix it another time. Right now I just bail out till I can return with a tighter reign on myself.

Meantime: see. Many groups are taxed; only a few groups are reproduced. The minorities are the yolk that feeds the majority’s chick. (See cuckoo, nest parasitism …)

Free information would have countered that.

The chance is now gone. Forever.

2013 04 17 from an overlapping Schools Purpose module:
The gospels tell how Jesus at age twelve was tested by the rabbis. The rabbis were amazed at his precocity. Too bad they weren’t amazed when he was actually teaching: as an adult.
That’s a cute story: if Jesus was just a cute little boy. If Jesus was really divine, God in person, the Messiah … or anything else numinous, then the story is an outrage. The story has everything backwards. The rabbis should be tested by God; not the other way around.

But that’s what schools do. Society organizes itself so that “Jesus” has to keep silent while some 40th generation edited recording of Moses keeps the floor. Conversely the school can also join the church in serving to keep Darwin too terrrified to speak: until Wallace takes the floor. Then the school decides whether it is Darwin or Wallace, Newton or Leibnitz, the way the state decides which ticket holders to pay (at 85%) after the race has been too close to call.

School’s Purpose

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