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2001 12 18 As argued elsewhere at, humans long ago chose the survival strategy that trades numbers of fertilized eggs for greater care for the fewer eggs. The oyster has millions of babies that the oyster doesn’t train at all, the man, the elephant … has a long gestation, an immature infant, a long training period. Great: that’s what we are. Training the young is part of being human: a noble responsibility. Prolonged parenting is part of the package. Unspeakable pathology enters where the prolongation becomes artificially extended: where the parents hobble the children, where mother ties the boy or girl to her apron strings.

apron strings
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The young avian predator eats regurgitated meat from the parent’s gullet. As soon as possible, that chick is supposed to be making its own kills, ripping its own portion. Both parent and young would be doomed if the parent kept the offspring in the nest unnecessarily long. But what if the parent were a false parent, a cuckoo, a nest parasitizer? Modern humans must by law turn their young over to a substitute parent: the state. Can we really trust the state to mean what it says: that it’s a better, more loving parent than the parent? Does the judge really have the “child’s welfare” at heart better than the father or mother?

Before the Industrial Revolution humans came in two classes with respect to maturity: mature and immature. The modern state has added a few extras. Now it’s not just heaven or hell: Purgatory has been inserted. There are boys, there are men, and now there are teens. The ancient Jew was a man at thirteen. Now he’s just beginning his prolonged childhood. Once he’s at the old marriage age, we’ll just accuse him of being “too young to love.” At the same time, he’s too young to work, too young to vote … Soon though he’ll be old enough to pay taxes, then old enough to die.

Bucky Fuller said that the Great Pirates (like Carnegie) funded graduate schools so that the one whose competition the Great Pirates had most to fear — the talented young — would be too busy with busy work to even think of conquering the world. Imagine an eagle wanting to keep its fledged eagle from the sky: so there’d be less competition for the parent? Disgusting.

Illich said that schools were invented, just like Purgatory, to sell more of something to an already saturated market. Capitalism and good parenthood are fundamentally opposite. Our Big Brother is of course sided with capitalism: but says it’s sided with parenthood. The proof is in the pudding. Look around. Are there any people left? Or just couch potatoes fed by nest parasites?

School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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