Public vs. Private Institutions

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Once upon a time, in the late Middle Ages, there really was a difference between the university and the monastery. The monastery preserved the writings understood to be sacred; the university preserved the writings understood to be secular. Both preserved their literature. Both studied their literature. Both revered their literature. Both copied their literature: old forms of publication. The difference was that one was sacred, the other profane: What Jesus said was sacred; what Plato said was profane. Jesus spread over to St. Augustine: what St. Augustine wrote, what St. Ambrose wrote … was sacred. After a while, the monk’s laundry list was sacred: it was kept at the monastery; Ovid’s poem about gods was profane: it was kept at the university. The diversity between monastery and university was very limited. The scholars like the monks tended to believe in one God, that that God fathered Jesus, etc. The scholars were the monks: with a different specialty. Still: that teeny bit of diversity was better than none. And “continental drift” followed.

Just starting. You can guess where it’s going: in the modern world the difference between state universities and private universities is very close to no difference at all: it’s all state-run: in effect. And once the state student, graduated and promoted to the state professor, has tasted nothing but state compensation, she will be wholly unable to understand one word she hasn’t been state-rehearsed in.

Around 1950 Mad artist Wood illustrated a story where the humans all got help from wonderful machines. Their bodies atrophied away. The machine broke. And the poor helpless little people had no arms and legs to get away from the dead machine.

Mad's Wood
thanx jugendbuchshop

They looked so cute as they starved to death. Just like teachers!

2013 04 15 I just inserted the Wood illustration. I didn’t stumble upon scans of the cartoons I’d referred to, but Google Images offered me a fabulous choice of early Mad Wood: Superduper Man, Flesh Garden … But there was also a fabulous Disney satire: cartoon porn.

Wally Wood's Disney
thanx cowanauctions

I’ve described the “French” comix I once saw as a teen, will never forget them. This Disney is just wonderful.

School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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