Rehearsal for Group Illusion

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Never forget that Homo sapiens is a social species. Never forget that two people can do things that one person can’t, that three people can do things that two persons can’t, that five hundred people can do things that two hundred people can’t … And so on. Four dimensions can render patterns impossible in three dimensions. Et cetera.

Two people can gang up on one person. It’s impossible for one person to gang up on two persons: without the coniavance of a third person.

gang up
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But twelve people can gang up on four billion people with the conaivance of one hundred million people: once the hundred million people have hoarded enough resources.

One person can try to tell the truth (as the truth reveals itself to him) to millions; a committee of five people, anybody in charge, can try to block that message.

Parents, in control of their kids, can steep their kids in a certain atmosphere: dying their perceptions. A modern state can steep millions of kids in almost any solution they want.

The Hatfields can convince the young Hatfields that everything is and has always been the fault of the Mcoys: and visa versa: so long as neither the Hatfields destroy the Mcoys nor the Macoys the Hatfields.

A few dozen Europeans killed ten million Americans (without even know it) (starting in 1492) simply by arriving with diseases the Americans had no resistance for. It was easy thereafter for the dozens of Europeans, backed by millions of Europeans who never heard of them, to convince themselves, and their children, that God favored them. After that, democracy is easy. A dozen white people agreeing that they’re blessed, easily becomes forty million immigrants agreeing that they’re blessed easily becomes two hundred million immigrants agreeing that they’re white … so long as the solution that the young are steeped in is controlled. Rational inquiry must never enter into it. And it doesn’t: not so long as there’s a church in charge: and without a single church in charge, not so long as there’s a single state in charge: with its own Monday to Friday schools.

Some rational inquiry seems into corners: where the schools appropriate selected snippets for their own. When the church wished to pretend to hear from an opposition, it appointed a trusted priest as a “Devil’s advocate. Understand: the Devil’s Advocate was never from the Devil; always from the Vatican. Similarly, the schools trust some of the schooled to elevate them to positions which they label Science, Reason …

The Church remains the clearest example of how its done. It takes a story of a persecuted radical railroaded by his own people, tag teaming with their oppressors, and pretends that the descendants of the people who railroaded him now represent him. St. Peter denied Jesus repeatedly: so St. Peter is elevated as the holiest of men, the greatest teacher.

The schools repress science, then say that science exists through them.

thanx shepardpolitics

But they can’t suppress it altogether, because somehow, true correspondences still reveal themselves: in experience. Authority can steep experience in a dye, but it can never altogether eradicate the actual experience. So, however many Thanksgiving diners you’re been conditioned to be grateful at, anyone can still see that they’ve been screwed.

The magician practices in front of a mirror till he can lie with a straight face. If audiences tolerate him, he can try to sell himself to ever larger markets. The bar these days is set at selling to a major network for a TV special. Air time sells in the millions of dollars, so Ford, Tyson, Bud come up with big budgets for the illusions. With a big budget you can have a big staff.

With a big budget and a big staff you can do big illusions. For example, you measure the venue: big stage, big back stage, big above stage, big below stage, big audience area, space still big enough to hold TV stuff: different equipment, different staff: but in cahoots.

What’s the biggest contemporary thingie you can squeeze onto that stage? A jumbo jet? Just barely? OK: announce that you’ll make it disappear before the whole world.

David Copperfield hires some six foot Ayrian with a face so infantile it’s like a baby’s, but with ass and boobs. She stands there: to make him look as though he appeals to nubile females.

Nathaniel Schiffman describes one way, one of several, that the feauture illusion can be accomplished.

David Copperfield has skilled craftsmen make a balsa jig that the jumbo jet nests into with the curtain down. The stage crew must be skilled in rapidly and unerringly fitting the jig to the plane as the curtain in lowered, the plane being positioned to jut into the curtain’s space. This is of course done behind the curtain: out of sight: out of mind. David Copperfield has hired and rehearsed hundreds of other assistants. They don’t need to be as skilled: they do need to be in on the illusion: and sworn to silence.

At show time the jumbo jet is on the stage. The bulk of the hirees have disappeared into the audience, indistinguishable from people just in from Hoboken. David Copperfield asks for volunteers from the audience. All of his hirees step forward. David also selects a dozen or so actual volunteers: people who haven’t been rehearsed: who aren’t in on the illusion, who really are just in from Hoboken or Scarsdale. The “volunteers” join hands in a human ring around the jet. The rehearsed volunteers go back stage. The real volunteers wait to be told what to do. They’re placed holding hand in front of the curtain: actually still “half-in” the audience.

thanx magictrickvideos

The curtain is lowered. The invisible because hidden by the curtain jig snugs over the nose of the jet. The audience sees a curtain deformed by the nose of the place. Therefore, the audience thinks, the plane is “there.”

School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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