Society’s Reproductive Organ

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2003 05 25 I iterate Illich’s statement that schools are the society’s reproductive organ. (and there may be other redundancies here, I’ll filter later) If the parent is alcoholic, the school will replicate little alcoholics.

If the society is dependent (as which society is not?) on semantic and epistemological confusions, then no youngster will make the honor roll if she has cleansed herself of these flaws (as my personal school narratives should amply illustrate).

For example, a tranquil ahem, democracy depends on citizens who will accept symbolic legerdemain such as substituting Jefferson for the people, the Reverend for God, new legislation for order, the policeman for the law

These are the same errors that the Church had to discredit Abelard for noticing and trying to articulate a millennium ago. Ah, so here’s another point: if Abelard is to be ahem, taught, only ahem, teachers who prove from every pore that they don’t, won’t, and can’t assimilate the implications of Abelard’s nominalism will be permitted to head the class. In sum, the school is an efficient filter for blocking out whatever the society needs to save itself from itself.

Oh yes, and Jesus (a near universal symbol for the persecuted good (god, with an extra “o”) got crucified.


In sum, the school filters out potential saviors before (long before) puberty. The resultant society (something staged, an illusion in the flesh) looks ahem, natural to (nearly all) its members. Having made sure that competence cannot mature, the least stupid of the robots coming off the assembly line are mislabeled “competent.”

School is a mislabeling apparatus: as is Church, as is government.

Matt Helm’s book is new. My statement immediately above is how I first opened this file years ago. (Speaking of new, John Taylor Gatto’s book is also very good.) What you may not know is that I was saying that before I ever heard of Ivan Illich and founded FLEX. And I’d been hearing people like Bucky Fuller and Noam Chomsky say similar things increasingly throughout the 1960s.

As I embark on a second major revision of this section in only six months, I realize that reverse-engineering school’s purpose is a major growth area of my FLEX directory and that I now know of more deschooling philosophers, both contemporary and from the past, than I did six months ago, and also that I have myself had new thoughts on the subject.

Therefore, this file is now primarily a menu for a spawn of files (some “reverse-engineered”; others not). Once I’ve moved the majority of my notes here from my data base on the subject, I’ll begin editing them down and merging them into fewer files: unless they expand!

School’s Purpose

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