Civilized Substitutions

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2006 03 16 Males as well as females may tend the children, but mothers, aided by other females, do the bulk of it. In hunter societies, the males, age six or seven, are taken away from the mothers by the group of hunters: the fathers: train them to hunt. By seven they’ve gotten their tribal identity from the mothers; now they’ll learn non-female skills, or die trying.

Notice: some significant part of the group, ie. hunters, is substituting itself for some other significant part of the group, mothers. The kid’s default programming gets written over: not altogether, in part.

rite of passage
MwiriRite of Passage
thanx ibogaine

That’s an old, old pattern, and I see no point in quarreling with it. I do see many points in quarreling with some of its more recent perversions.

At a similar point in its boys’ lives the ancient Jews took a twelfth of the male youth and dedicated them to the God, they became priests. God is substituted for both mother and father.

The familiar monotheisms train their chattels from the cradle that God owns everything anyway: what harm if he takes 1/12th of 1/2?

All the societies that we know more than one thing about became pathogenic kleptocracies. At age sixteen or eighteen all able-bodied men are taken from the mothers, the fathers, the hunters, the priests, the teachers … and given to the military. You can work out the details of the analogy: point is, we accept one substitution, then another, then another. In modern societies the state (representing here cattlemen, there sheep ranchers; here industrialists, there service industries … substitutes itself for mother, father, hunters, God …

Now: “God” was already an effort (of mixed effectiveness) toward social control. We don’t know any laws from God; 100% we get from the priest. (The priest says he got it from the rabbi … who got it from Moses …

Proxies, Substitutes …
… God … Moses … law …
thanx barewalls

Substitutions, substitutions, substitutions. Here Marx gets substituted for God, there Shakespeare gets substituted for Homer. Point is: what about you? and your own wits? your own experience?

If you’re listening to the priest, you’re not listening to your mother. If you’re listening to your mother, at age two, that may be the best advice you have; but if you’re listening to your mother at age eighteen, something is seriously wrong.

If you’re reading Shakespeare, you’re not writing your own poetry: at least not at that moment. Shakespeare is very good, very. I’m not saying that your poetry would be 100th as good: and, if you’re reading instead of singing, Homer, Shakespeare, Beethoven … remain safe from competition. (Is Shakespeare the best? The question is absurd unless all poetry ever uttered had been published and a coordinated comparative reading were also possible.

Impossible, impossible, impossible.

When I first started acting, and we would all sit down and talk about Shakespeare and how great it was, I thought well, I suppose it is. It is if you get to play Macbeth or Hamlet. But who wants to play bloody Lady Macbeth or Ophelia? And it struck me that most women seem to be required to pit themselves against men in dramatic situations, and the men got to pit themselves against ideas or God.

Judy Davis

In short: I’d rather be a clone of my tribe than a mass-produced imitation of a priest or a Homer scholar. And I’d rather be a student of the Talmud or a Shakespeare scholar than a soldier for Stalin.

But better, I’d rather be a butterfly, with my own moment in the sun, than be a worker bee, surrounded by soldiers, catering to the queen, surrounded by books and records.

The glaciers recede, snow melts, rocks settle into a pattern. Eons pass. More snow melts. Some rocks hold against the rush of new water (seeking the lowest point). In the rush, whole groups of rocks break loose and tumble toward the precipice. They’re so united, they’re in a group. They’re convinced that tumbling, together, toward the precipice, is the very best of all possible things they could be doing.

2013 05 17 An illustration above shows Moses breaking tablets of the Law already delivered. It’s still a chain of substitutions. Individuals are devalued at every link. Autonomy is by-passed.

School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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