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I installed an alarm system in my PK Fine Arts. Ltd. office on Lafayette and Spring Streets, 1979. If the door was opened improperly the local precinct was supposed to be notified. Even using the key we were supposed to do something to tell the system that it was OK, it was us, a legitimate entrant. My staff was always forgetting, and the cops were always coming. The boy who cried wolf. I may have slipped once or twice myself, and I was the one who had it set up. I presume that homes and business with alarm systems are a plague to precincts everywhere.
The cops would come, leave … no hassle: except the one time I needed the system and used it deliberately. The system was connected to the door, not to the windows, and to a button under my desk. I was supposed to be able to signal secretly if I was being held up.
A few details follow, but in the interest of brevity I start with the bottom line: a guy was threatening me: not in words, not with a gun, but by his behavior. Three against one, I decided that I needed backup before I told them to leave. I pressed my secret button. Time passed. Finally a cop knocked, came in: was furious when he didn’t find blood and gore. The cop threatened me: out loud, in words. He made no attempt to plumb the situation.
But my unwelcome visitors did leave: and me too, locking up.

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The rest of the story, including how it was three against one, is more pk than cops, so I’ll tell in among my business stories.

But here’s another cop / alarm system story:
1975ish. The PKFineArtsmobile, a VW bus with original graphics by Gail Bruce for window shades, has a burglar alarm. I’m parked all the way across Broadway toward Amsterdam Avenue, unusually far from home even for Manhattan. I walk up. The engine hood, in the rear, is up, wide open. Mangled wires are hanging out of it.
The artmobile had been broken into again. Street people tell me what happened.
The bus was broken into. The alarm went off. The cops came. The cops cut the wires. And walked away.

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