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Help! Police!

2006 08 21 Dusk, 8 PM

Veterans Park closes at sunset. Boat trailers may be parked through the night, one may launch or re-trailer one’s boat. All not engaged in launching or removing a boat must leave at dusk. I timed my wading so that I was just emerging from the lake as it got dark. By the time I had my rod stowed back in the car and was covering the drivers seat before taking my seat in my wet bathing suit, a squad car pulled up by the bathrooms. Here’s my chance, I thought. I’ll ask the cop why the park closes at dark. It didn’t used to. Is it just at attempt to make drug trafficking less easy? or is there another reason?

close park at dark
Close park at dark
thanx umn

The cop was at 6’6″. As I got close enough to look up at the bottom of his chin I could see that he was very young. His blue eyes stared back at me. Blond, brush cut, he looked all of sixteen.

“Do you close the park at dark to give the drug dealers a hard time,” I asked, “Or is there another reason.”

“Yes,” he said.

“And that reason is?” I asked.

“We close the park at dark because the bosses tell us to.”


Was he joking? Or was his intellect entirely stunted by authority? Could people ever possibly have been so stupid in the past? What would Jefferson think? Horace Mann must be crowing in his grave over the success of his penitentiary-like school system.

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