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2016 07 21 The courts, the law have an imperative no matter what: find the court innocent, and the reformer guilty: no matter what Jesus said or did, no matter what the law, the court did to Jesus.

2013 04 23 Gotta do more on the concept of “natural” law.

A principal purpose of law is to make the sheep hold still while they’re being fleeced

1997 This material had woven with K.’s N generation Law Menu.

The State calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime.
Max Stirner

Law: another ambiguous term. Do we mean natural law? Divine law? The war lord’s law?

I do not care about law issued by kleptocratic edict or by political process. I don’t care about laws palmed off by failed magicians onto some imaginary super-magician: whether in the sky or beyond the stars.

Law is the enemy of liberty.

I care about law coded into the essence of a system itself: gravity, conservation of momentum … natural selection … Whether I care or not, such laws work. They cannot be broken.

A sentient creature’s main business should I believe be to discover the nature of true law.

True law can at best be “discovered”: (half-invented); never legislated.

In the meantime, if we wish anyone other than a group of total gulls to believe we mean anything serious about human law, then we should endeavor to repudiate our kleptocratic behavior: admit that no current property titles are legitimate, for example.

Individual culpability would never be determinable. We took the natives’ land, but the natives had also taken it: from something. Start from scratch: then distribute resources sanely, conservatively: share where possible.

thanx geek

Like all institutions of kleptocracy, from school to court, the law is designed so that all information is managed: the way stage illusions are managed by the magician, the way the world of the wives, concubines, and slaves were managed in the harem (managed by eunuchs). note No testimony, no evidence, reaches a jury till it’s been handled, filtered through, maybe tweaked by … why, the magicians’s assistants: the lawyers.

The appearance of law must be maintained, especially when it’s being broken.
Boss Tweed, Gangs of NY

By no means is this poor start encyclopedic, but a few files are better than no encyclopedia at all.

The law’s delay

Just reading: the poor must

“circumvent the “legal” system that is open only to the rich.”, Bill Walker, Homesteading: the Creation of Property

Walker’s issue was property. Fine. Here I seize only on the idea that the law is inaccessible to the poor. That agrees entirely with my experience and with all my theories on the matter. I further say that it is “deliberate”: generously attributing motive, that is, consciousness, to kleptocrats.
I have neither time nor will to develop that further right now. Till I return, try tossing it in your own head.

It’s the law, Maude, you got no say in it.
Rabbitproof Fence


Slaves Managed by Eunuchs:
I do concede that these days the harem that is the world holds us to service more than one Shah. I further concede that it is possible for some of the whores to become shareholders in the corporate shahs, some to become shahs themselves. Do remember though that shahs themselves were raised in the harem. No one in the system knows the real world. The idea of truth or science in the harem is preposterous.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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