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As a student I never had much patience with sectarian theologies, including secular theologies argued by lawyers and political parties. It struck me that they were spending more energy tripping over their words than clarifying anything. “Natural Law” struck me in that light. Who had time to try to keep track of all the idiosyncratic “definitions” and so forth: why couldn’t they just “speak English.” Well, of course “English” is itself a bunch of idiosyncratic definitions, bad habits, and in-group cheating. We’re very naïve to think that we’d all be “born” able to reason accurately. Cultures always give themselves the “home (law-)court advantage.” So a “United Nations” will always be an oxymoron, an absurdity.

Well, these days I think more and more about natural law, largely subscribing to the concept myself: natural law that is as argued by Lysander Spooner and a few articulate anarchists. I’ll add more on that here. Right now I only want to say that “real” “laws” need no factitious human budgets for enforcement. Real laws are born with enforcement built-in. Real law and law enforcement are a redundancy.

Real laws cannot be violated.

Real laws need no human enforcement.

Do you seriously need examples?

How about gravity?

More subtly: how about homeostasis?

2004 03 26 I’m just taking time to go through my subfolders in the Society section and update backgrounds, layouts, menu links … And I can’t help noticing how woefully the content needs attention as well: especially in this Law section. When I can revise content I think I’ll know at least one important think to clarify: natural law: and that last comment is key: I shall try to clarify distinctions and propose further distinctions within natural law: laws approximated by the several sciences are different kinds of laws among themselves: physics is not psychology, psycholory is not sociology … though any may overlap. And none of them are government.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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