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Change of Address

Still another implication of my founding of the Free Learning Exchange that I have yet to see a single person understand the revolutionary efficiency of is the idea of using cybernetic voluntary data bases to coordinate data, to make updating easy.

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When we lived in caves, if the girl moved from her mother’s rock to my rock, everyone could see, none of us had to text anyone. Same if she moved from my rock to your rock. Everyone could see: She used to be a girl, then she was Ugh’s woman, now she’s Argh’s woman. We didn’t need a reporter, didn’t need to send an email. Now we do, the more so with seven billion people, rocks all over the place.

In the society to which I was born, when we moved from the Lower East Side to Brooklyn, then from Brooklyn to Queens, then from Queens to Rockville Centre, we sent our friends a note. We did not send a note to the bill collector, nor to the guy stalking us. If you moved, got a new address, a new phone number, the old phone book would be out of date. Within a day or two though telephone information would have it right. Still, you were supposed to notify this that and the other bureaucracy. You had to notify the IRS, the motor vehicle bureau, your insurance company …

With FLEX, if you were hiding from the bank, or from the IRS, or from the Mafia, or from some other enemy, you didn’t publish your whereabouts. Fine, no one said you had to. (At east that was the implication of FLEX: with FLEX, the intrusive kleptocracy should fade away, a freed people wouldn’t tolerate the tax man or the draft board.) But if you wanted to publish your identity, your whereabouts, your offers, FLEX would do it, for pennies (for just a few dollars, for cheap). And you could, also for cheap, update the data. Post your change of address once: post it universally. Don’t tell the motor vehicle bureau, and then also the post office, and then also the phone company, and then also all the bill collectors.

Say who you are, say where you are, say what you offer, say what you no longer offer … Once. Then change it, once.
That’s a fraction of what I offered in 1970: led by Illich, led by Jesus: led by our idea of what Christianity should be.

What we’ve had since 1970 though is more of the same: perversion of perversion. On an irrecoverably degraded cinder.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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