Time & Milan Kundera

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from Milan Kundera’s Ignorance, NY, 2000

One day she sees her new boyfriend hurrying toward her in a blue jacket, and she remembers that her first boyfriend also looked good in a blue jacket. Another day, gazing into her eyes, he praises their beauty by way of a highly unusual metaphor; she was fascinated by that because her first boyfriend, commenting on her eyes, had used word for word the same unusual phrase. These coincidences amaze her. Never does she feel so thoroughly suffused with beauty as when the nostalgia for her past love blends with the surprises of her new love. The intrusion of the previous boyfriend into the story she is currently living is to her mind not some secret infidelity; it adds further to her fondness for the man walking beside her now.

When she is older she will see in these resemblances a regrettable uniformity among individuals (they all stop at the same spots to kiss, have the same tastes in clothing, flatter a woman with the same metaphor) and a tedious monotony among events (they are all just an endless repetition of the same one); but in her adolescence she welcomes these coincidences as miraculous and she is avid to decipher their meanings. The fact that today’s boyfriend bears a strange resemblance to yesterday’s makes him even more exceptional, even more original, and she believes that he is mysteriously predestined for her.

The next chapter shows the male character seeing himself at timethen from timenow. Wow. What a sequence.

thanx radio.cz

But so far, the whole novel is great. I expect to comment further another time.

This little blab could have gone among my Art Favorites / Lit: here it is among Reality / Time … Lots inter-relates, whether we see it or not.


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