Nixon, pk, & the Commie

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Civilization IS Chaos

Can anything exist that is not ordered? If it did, how would we know? How could we be sure? Wouldn’t we have to structure it in order to perceive it? To discuss it?

Chaos is our word for order which is not understood.
Henry Miller

Churches say they represent God. Do we know of any cases where God verifies their claim? Religions say they represent morality. Aren’t religions Johnny-Come-Latelies compared to morality? Kleptocracies claim to embody order: law and order. Is there any truth to this claim? other that the obvious truth already ceded above.

Human institutions rely on human suggestibility for their claims. The audience wants to believe the magician when the magician says that the deck of cards he holds is an ordinary deck of playing cards. The audience doesn’t want to face the implications of their paying money to sit there and be lied to. Subjects of hypnosis have to go along with the hypnosis. They have to accept the suggestion: almost ask for it.

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Hannibal Lecter, Thomas Harris’s fictional psychiatrist who made yet another film debut this weekend is revealed in the novel Hannibal to believe in chaos. After all: he was a young Polish count, a minor aristocrat of the old European feudalism, when World War II mixed things up. He and his sister, both mere children, are captured on their own estates by soldiers running amok, soldiers, gone AWOL, soldiers enlisted, drafted, soldiers who’ve lost contact with their owners: it doesn’t matter: war is a time when the license of soldiering is fairly open. The Lecter children’s soldiers turn cannibal. Soldiering in the winter when you’ve abandoned or been abandoned by your mess hall is a nasty business. The soldiers want to live. Sure they’d rather have a deed to the property: but in the meantime, they’re men: and have guns. They eat little girls. And would have eaten the little boy given the chance. Hannibal experiences chaos as a child. Dr. Lecter sees no difference as an adult. Neither do I. I agree with Dr. Lecter. And I agreed with him long before Harris created him.

To wit: One day, early seventies, I’m walking down Broadway, walking south from 116th Street on the west side. There are, or at least were, several book stores in those couple of blocks. One on the south west corner of 113th or so I had heard was owned by a communist. The literature on the periodical bench certainly tended to be left wing: even a little European. The store sold novels and poetry but was carefully stocked with political stuff. The guy most often in attendance was mounted up by his elevated cash register, the better to view shoplifters I suppose. I presume he was the owner: the Communist! I was taking this little walk the morning that news came out that Nixon had just bombed some other poor country: Laos or Cambodia. Some political question had also just been settled. I don’t remember whether a primary had been won or what, but it was apparent that Nixon was with us to stay. The commie proprietor was glowering. He looked like he needed a gallon a Alka-Seltzer. I’m browsing around, my usual dopey yo-yo self: Do, di, do. Finally the guy can’t stand my presence. “What’s the matter with you?” he demanded. “Didn’t you hear the news? Nixon is bombing Laos now.”

I look up cheerful and smiling. “Yes,” I agreed. “But I’m an anarchist. And I see us to be living in chaos ever more pure. This surely is the best of all possible worlds.”

The commie’s jaw dropped. He stood and stared. “You’re blowing my mind,” he said.

2005 08 31 I’ll add: Chaos is our word for our frustration at the strict orders of the universe not yielding to orders we imagine (and palm onto Law if not to God).

Best of All Possible Worlds

2013 11 19 Yesterday I was reviewing a few things about Kant, Schopenhauer, Hobbes … And one of those guys was credited with actually arguing Voltaire’s sarcasm! I love it! When I started to think that myself I had no idea of such forebears.

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Nixon, pk, & the Commie
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