Persecution Monopoly

One of the first stories we hear in the West, and damn near anywhere else too, is how God sent Jesus: and the Jews and the Romans ganged up on him: jailed, tortured, murdered him. Most of us who know that also know that the Romans conducted the circus and the Jews formed the mob, the audience, the eggers-on. That’s in the myth as written. We also know, as “history,” that Romans killed people wherever they went: clear the road that the Romans built and maintained (for the Roman olive oil), or get your heard bashed. So, crucifixion (as well as monkey trials) were common. We see Hollywood, we see Spartacus, we know: The Romans crucified thousands of people, lined the roads with them.

thanx phdiva

(phdiva reminds us that Crassus crucified 6,000 slaves on the 132 mile stretch of the Via Appia.)

But, on the other hand, the Romans told the Jews that it was their holiday: therefore, the mob could elect one condemned for clemency: Who do you want? And the mob yelled for Barabas!
So, as early Christians wrote the myth, the Jews were guilty of murdering God, and doubly guilty: because they had a chance to let him go after all!

OK, now note, here’s the thing: The Romans were crucifying N% of those they hadn’t murdered on first arriving, on first taking over. Still, when they opened the jails, there were dozens of condemned felons to choose to free. Uh … How come the Romans hadn’t already just killed the inmates: a knife across the throat if not a cross and a crucifixion?

When the FBI arrested me, they sent a dozen or two cops with automatic rifles, tear gas, cuffs, paddy wagons. The neighbors ignored the outrage, didn’t see it. My son didn’t complain to my knowledge, my wife … Why didn’t the FBI just hover a drone by my ear and … boom? Why didn’t the Feeb just send Bruce Willis, or a sniper? Wny not just murder me? No one would notice, no one would complain. If the people hold still while Church and State tag team to murder God, who would stir for pk? or for any of Christ’s ministers?

Catholics held still while Ivan Illich was sandbagged. Ivan Illich held still while I floundered, trying to offer us an internet with which to pry the kleptocracy off our backs.

Why didn’t the feds just murder me in grade school, the second or third moment a teacher noticed that I was an independent?

In jail, in jail after jail, I don’t remember any citizens storming the jails to demand that the gorillas prove that the inmates were anything like what the gorillas’ bosses had said. I do remember dozens of cute girls blowing kisses to their boyfriends locked up in the monster jail erected above the Miami federal courthouse. I remember those girls getting rudely dispersed by local cops. But none of the girls were protesting for freedom of speech, for unblocking messages from God, for making sure that the saints under torture were getting some pussy. No, they just wanted their boyfriends back in their arms (and back on the streets producing that drug income!)

I remember foggy mornings in Jesup, the fed complex in Georgia: the guards were locked and loaded, ready to exterminate every last inmate the moment the kleptocracy looked vulnerable. I knew they could open fire on us any second. Oh, they weren’t anxious for it to happen: those who pulled the trigger could get easily sacrificed in the cover up. I met zillions of guys on the track at Jesup who told me that they’d been one or another kind of assassin for the FBI (or CIA), pot grower, liaison to the HellsAngels who produced and marketed much of the fed’s contraband: and now they knew too much, the fed had scuttled them. No one knew they were there, no one cared. or no one dared show that they cared. One guy’s son was growing the thousands of acres of pot for the Feeb while papa was at Jesup: papa told me he suspected the son was about to get axed too.

How many prisoners are getting tortured in Guantanamo? There’s no way to tell, info comes only from the torturers, and their bosses. All we know is what the kleps tell the Times, or the Wall Street Journal. I remember classmates from Columbia disappearing into the NY Times, nice guys getting stuffy as their bylines appeared. How can they hold their head up while writing tripe, for the group fiction, the fiction managed by the market economy?

I used to think I had to hold on only till Judgment, when the liars would be helpless to stop Truth from getting a hearing. Now though I’m pure Darwinian. Truth will never get a hearing: the bureaucrats would have to be honest. The species would have to have a potential for truth. But it’s OK: the truth will win by default, all the liars will simply fail to survive. When we’re all dead, and good riddance, then we won’t need no God or Jesus or Holy Ghost.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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