In the Beginning

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Arbitrary Boundaries

In the Beginning …

In the beginning … What?
In the beginning, anything.
In the beginning Enron swindlers told us of Cruso and Friday inventing the universe of Ayn Rand’s island, Mom and Pop owning the store.

In the beginning … Chaos? In the beginning … Darkness? In the beginning … God? In the beginning … some Word?

How about Time?
Would you believe Information?

Sure. Anything will work.

Same goes for where we place endings. Civilization ended as soon as there were two cities rather than one. Human intelligence ended the second governments compelled schooling for all. …

Last week Nobel prizes were given out for the year. We were reminded of physicists tracking background radiation, shoring up the theory of the Big Bang, some say confirming it: finding the beginning and end of the universe. We were reminded that Stephen Hawking called it the greatest discovery of the century, maybe of all time!

In the 1950s I was discovering great movies at a dizzying rate, and great movie makers were making new great movies at a staggering pace: Fellini, Kurosawa, Bergman. In 1957 Wild Strawberries came out: and I swiftly pronounced it Bergman’s best. One thing I loved and adored: I was busy worry about how artists begin stories, novels, movies, paintings; some “at the beginning,” some plunge into the middle, some crazy fools begin at the end. Bergman just started Wild Strawberries. The old man stands among his memorabilia. He says Today I received a prize. Holding a photograph he says This is my son … “Genius,” I declared. But I already knew that.

Anything can be said to begin anywhere. Anything can be said to end anywhere. Or, beginnings, and endings, can both be denied.

When does life begin? When was the solar system born? If the physicists date the Big Bang with precision greater than that Anglican bishop gave to Creation’s — minute, hour, day, month, four thousand BC., will that account also serve for the cosmos? Are all universes now accounted for? Nothing left out?

Personally I believe that physicists will never run out of things to give final answers to; any more than theologians ran out of ultimates, or book critics “final analyses.”

final answer
Final Answer
thanx collegehumor

Now: I’ve already made some of those points, or hinted at them. Development can spin off in numerous directions. Right now I’ve got to tie a different string around my finger. I be back.

2013 06 14 Huh, now I see that I wrote that, posted it at K., just before the FBI wrestled me to the ground, dunked me in the slammer, destroyed, censored all my domains, put me out of business in spades.

Gotta tell a joke: from Raymond Smullyan:
Origin of Life

A TV show decides to air a debate on when life begins. They invite a popular minister and “balance” him with a well-known priest. Uh oh: better have a Jew too. So they add a rabbi.
“Well, Famous Reverend: when would you say that life begins?”

Why ask the question? We all know his answer.

“Life begins at the moment of birth.”

When is that? What if the labor lasts thirty-eight hours? What if the kid’s stuck half way out? What if it’s a Cesarean?

“And you, Famous Father: when do you say life begins?”

Save his bus fare. Just read a bull from centuries ago.

“Life begins at the moment of conception.”
It’s almost time for the final commercials. They’ve forgotten all about the Jew.
“And you, Rabbi: when do you say life begins?”
The rabbi strokes his beard. “Well, I’d say life begins after the children have grown up and gone off to college.”

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