Eros, Thanatos

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Eros & Thanatos
Forces of
Life, Love   Death
Immortality   Mortality
crest …   trough …

Eros was the ancient Greeks god of love. Thanatos was the ancient Greek personification of death. Personification, god … a difference of very little difference. Freud talked about both.

Christians talk about God … and Satan: a difference of diametrical opposites. Alan Watts talks about opposites as complements: the two flexes of a sin wave. Indeed: a wave is made up of crest and trough.

Humans typically want all crest and no trough: all fine weather and no ill: all boom and no bust … Spring and summer, yes; autumn and winter, no.

Freud’s reputation crested. Since, it’s gone into a trough. Every moron knows better than the genius. pk typically goes opposite. When Freud was mindlessly deified, I was a dissenter; when his fortunes fell, equally mindlessly, I championed him. But that was years ago. reflects my current concerns: the issues of the bulk of my life often have some catching up to do here. Sorry, Freud: this module will begin to make some repairs. Over time: this module too for today merely tries to put the ball in play. Over time it may come to say what I mean. Meanwhile, the result, the issue, is very much here: in my once-top page, We’re Mortal of a few years ago, for example.

The papers printed that Dewey had beaten Truman before the votes were counted. Next morning, Truman, not Dewey, was president. The media had all but given Smarty Jones the Triple Crown: unfortunately for the stable, the race was run anyway and Chapman didn’t get the check after all. Christianity tells us the result fo God’s Judgment before the trials are held, before the evidence is heard, before “God” can get a word in edgewise. Even some scientists are saying that evolution is over: man wins. pk sometimes sounds like I’m counting us out. No, no, that’s just me going contrary again. I don’t know the results any more than does he media or the church: I want to see the actual evidence; not have some biased group’s prediction palmed for the evidence. I want time to tell.

Meantime, I bet with the house, not against it. Individuals are mortal. Species are mortal. Every ego thinks it’s the apex: every ego disintegrates.

I’m for Eros, sure. But I’m not against Thanatos. Neither would I ever be for Thanatos and against Eros.

I guess I don’t really have anything permanent against Satan either: despite my conditioning.

2004 09 02 Creation … Destruction; God … Satan; Eros … Thanatos … I just added an Eros reference to my report on my doctoral orals, the trigger instance that impelled me to dedicate myself to offering a cheap internet in 1970 …

Perhaps academics have occasionally understood part of what pk says-writes-does: they just pretend that they don’t:

Just as both Pilat and Caiaphas may have understood Jesus, understood that their jig was up.

(Scorsese’s Pilat (David Bowie) understands Jesus very well indeed, but is still a Roman kleptocrat.)

Just as kleptocrats truly know, deep inside, that they live on stolen land, that all their labels are wrong: deliberately, synchronously wrong: choreographed to be wrong.

God won’t have to cast anyone into hell or elevate anyone into heaven. Under the right circumstances — remove artificial interferences — everyone will know their correct, comfortable place. Creation and destruction — Eros and Thanatos — will distinguish themselves naturally.

See Logic: Assumed Connections.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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