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We’re all actors: actors acting. We act well or ill, better or worse, deep or shallow, truthfully, falsely … Some few actually get paid for it: not just in Hollywood, not just in Washington DC, not only in the automobile showroom … We all act roles, types; occasionally individuals.

Last night Jan and I watched Helen Hunt act a standard gender gag, commending her skill. In As Good as It Gets Helen Hunt’s frustrated waitress storms to Jack Nicholson’s eccentric misanthrope house in a fury. She storms through the rain, utterly soaked, her nipples conspicuous: leading, flashing, winking like diamonds on a slaloming ship’s prow, in a clothed, play-acting society. The sauciness of her tubes is the last thing on her mind, until suddenly, she’s there, he looks up, and her socially prescribed modesty catches up with her. Whoops!
Well done. Timing! from script, production team, actress …

Helen Hunt wet nipples
thanx loquaciousintolerablehumpsofarabella

Under normal circumstances women in this society are constantly conscious of their boobs. I love every memory of every girl walking down every school hallway clutching their books under their incipient bosoms, pushing them up, and staring at their burgeoning femaleness: helpless, humiliated, mammalian narcissist obsessives.

Jan and I had each seen this wonderful movie before, remembered parts, details, not others.

Tit jokes are ubiquitous, as are balls jokes, dick jokes. cuny (Bowdlerizing K. 2016 07 29) jokes are problematic. Joan Rivers showed her genius-immodesty best with them.
All this talk suddenly reminded me of a great snatch gag from a couple of decades ago, ’80s TV: Night Court: Markie Post’s Christine Sullivan.

Markie Post
thanx allpostersimages

The self-conscious blond walks into the empty court room, late in the day, the janitors have already rewaxed the floor. This public-defender twat is marching across the gleaming boards: and suddenly claps her thighs together, slap! imagining that people (there’s no one there) (just the TV show whole crew, with cameras) can see a reflection of her crotch?!

And now I remember one night as a cub scout, back in the 1940s, three of us camped out in a pup tent, getting erections as we fell asleep, and staging them under flashlight: the “stiff one-eye” (in Jack Nicholson’s Melvin Udall’s obnoxious diction) three stiff one-eyes, on display in the dark. Jeez, were we fascinated by ourselves.

2013 10 13 Last July when I linked to that pic of Markie Post I was busy with my editing. Today I take time to marvel at that pussy pouch her bikini gathers under her belly. Oo-wee. Funny, ’cause it was just last night I was having fits at how delicious Katie Holmes looked in her bikini panties: as nice a pussy pouch, Venus mound, as I’ve ever seen in a movie. Chai! The movie was The Gift. Offensively stupid movie; but a very watchable cast.

thanx krone
& thanx Katie!



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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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