The Absinthe Drinker

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News item:

John Saunders is accused of drinking 52 bottles of whiskey valued at $102,000.

The owner of an historic inn in Pittsburgh has brought charges against a former tenant she says was supposed safeguard 50 bottles of vintage whiskey valued at more than $100,000 but drank it all instead.

pk remembers one night in junior year, 1958ish, a paper due on a book I hadn’t begun word one of, let alone begun to read the damn book the paper was on (something eighteenth-century, not my favorite period, when lo and behold, there’s a knock at my door, and John, the friend who became my greatest skiing and fishing buddy in the following decade, presents me with a strange looking very old bottle: Pernod Brothers, Paris 1888, absinth!! John’s father was the super of a building on 5th Avenue, somebody had died, leaving his wine cellar to the super. John, invited to sort, found an unopened case of absinth!
We eased the cork, the apartment instantly reeled drunk with the stench of liquorish, and something else, some several other wicked things else. I poured one drop into a highball glass of water. I watched the liquor propagate tentacles of Toulouse Lautrec green.

Degas, The Absinthe Drinker
thanx artexperts

A few more drops, a sip, and I was hallucinating.

John got nervous and poured the rest of this bottle, which I never doubted he could have auctioned for thousands, down the sink.

Jim & John Pollock
John’s on the right

The drain gurgled like with Drano.

I wrote my hallucination, Professor Knobbe accepted it, not one shred of the subject in evidence.

See there are three rods in rod spikes? Jim, John, Paul. (My rod, single 12′ piece bamboo was on loan from army buddy Mike Melcher while he was in med school, in Mexico.)

2015 06 28 Straight Dope has a reflection on the subject:

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