Religious Proxies

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Religion I suggest initially grows from our (true) perception that however many dimensions we occupy — two, three, four … — there’s yet another “above” it: a meta-dimension.

That meta level may be capacious — tall, broad, but we know about as much of it as a leaping bass learns of the air or a mating grunion learns of the continent: about a meter of beach.

thanx cibu

Sharing this perception however invariably leads us to furnishing this level with inappropriate junk from the familiar levels below. “God” has a “beard”; is “male”; a “father”; has a “place” with many “mansions” …

many mansions
thanx worshippingchristian

Instead of using the metaphor to free our mind (and then discarding the metaphor), we shackle ourselves in the metaphor: and ascend nowhere.

Even the original leaper may forget her leap in the mundane which ensues.

2003 05 31 First, let me roughly define religion as any group-belief system where the faith is based on tradition, group-agreement (or group pretense at agreement); not direct, verifiable, falsifiable evidence.

Second, let me say that today’s thoughts relate to points sketched in my Kleptocracy: Death by Proxy module. That file emphasized the kleptocratic implications of proxies; this file will emphasize the religious aspect. See also Proxies.

Third, I add that religion has been a major subject for me all my life: so major is it for me that till this day no file here has actually been called “religion”: not a sign of neglect or indifference; rather a sign of ubiquity. (This file go renamed, the point is true nevertheless, literally and symbolically.)

(’s instantiation prior to reinstallation at Macroinformation put related files in a “Magic” directory (did anyone share the humor with me? the insight?); here it’s all lumped under “Society.”) (Though I do list the same files under “Magic” in the (this and that old K.) categorized menu.)


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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