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@ K. c. 2005

As always X is my abbreviation for Christ: therefore, for Christianity, and so forth.

When the ancient bullfighters ritually fought and killed a bull (or bear, whatever) they believed they were killing a god. (See my North/South gods.) They believed that the god had come to them to be killed by them — beautifully, by ritual. The god’s blood, the god’s death, the god’s sacrifice would somehow help them, the people. The god was immortal, so the god’s death didn’t really hurt the god: for long; whereas the people, so they believed, really needed the blood, the death, the god, the god’s sacrifice. The ancient bullfighters certainly didn’t believe they were killing the One God, the only god, the chief god, creator, boss, owner. They had no such concept.

Neither were the ancient bullfighters kleptocrats at the level that Caesar Tiberius and his minions were, or the kings of Judea of the same time, or the rabbis of the Temple of Jerusalem. The Jews had created the perfect god for the imperial empire of King David, King Solomon: One God, the only god, the chief god, creator, boss, owner: the top of the hierarchy, the chief executive: a magical entity at the kleptocracy’s beck and call: Damn this guy, kill that guy. Imagine the Jews’ humiliation at suddenly finding themselves way down on the kleptocratic totem pole: in Babylon, in Egypt … now a carbuncle on the ass of Rome.

The Christians, kleptocrats all, not entirely comfortable with kleptocracy, certainly not with being on the losing end of it, took, klepped, the Jews’ god, and said that the Jews’ Messiah was the guy who just got crucified.

Well, that was certainly a killing. Since it was elaborately legal (however unjust) it was certainly ritual: a series of rituals, kleptocratic rituals: involving kings, priests, governors, judgments, soldiers … and helpless spectators. It certainly wasn’t beautiful. It wasn’t graceful. I bet Roman battles had grace; but just nailing up some dissidents, terrorizing the conquered, didn’t need any grace. (I bet some US bombing of Istanbul was graceful, a bet troops shoving around the next day weren’t.)

Blah, blah. Now I want to emphasize one thing: timing. The ancient bullfighters needed their god to show up every “year”: whether every spring or every winter solstice or every midsummer day I don’t know. The Christians needed their Messiah to show up once, get dead, and then his Name could be at the Christians’ beck and call: ass-end kleptocrats trying to maneuvre toward the top. (Don’t get me wrong: there’s some genuine dissatisfaction with kleptocracy mixed in there too, there will always be a pope, occasionally there will be a Jesus too: a pussy cat, a St. Francis, an Ivan Illich …) But the timing is crucial:

He’s got to be dead.

can take over.

more in a min
(argh, I said that in such innocence, eight years ago, before the FBI sandbagged me)


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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