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Freedom in our civilized cages means
being under the boot of the government you were born to;
not some new invading government.

(Freedom means being slave to Rome, not Carthage.)

In kleptocracy Absence-of-Freedom (ie, Regulation) Is Called Freedom

See? It’s best to be taxed, told what to do, drafted by, smothered by, rulers who say they represent you: rulers you can vote for, rulers whose dialect you too speak.

Government has about as much to do with freedom
as Coka-Cola has to do with being natural!

John Milton, as I point out in the sister splinter to this file, gave a literary solution to the problem of free will by depicting it as a perishable item. Make the wrong choice and your freedom is gone. The square may choose to try heroin but the junkie he becomes has little choice. I solve the problem by seeing that human breeding success banished the freedom that was once ubiquitous forever. And maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps social man was never free, perhaps freedom and society are incompatible. What glimpses we have of primitive peoples suggest that they are as custom-bound as we are law-bound: coerced to attend this school if not that church, drafted into the military regardless of our opinions about the war or the government … (don’t be fooled by suspensions of peace time drafts: what can be suspended can be reinstated.)

We accepted poverty because we wanted to be free.
Afghanistan: the Great Game

We may all have our opinions about what freedoms we do or don’t have as individual persons. What about legal persons? entities such as the State of Virginia. The United States claims to be sovereign: no one can tell it what to do; Virginia does not claim to be sovereign: it joined the union. Come. Let us form a democratic republic. Let us become a union of thirteen equal legal persons. Turned into a lobster trap, didn’t it? Take the bait and you’re stuck.

If thirteen “states” volunteered to form a union and then thirty-seven more states joined them, by what legal logic can their federation be indissoluble? You need Milton to figure it out.

Freedom is what we had millennia before we invented the word.

But the state itself is a mini-federation: made up of counties. The counties are made up of towns and villages. The towns and villages are mini-federations of corporations and families and private individuals. If a democracy is truly democratic, why can’t an individual secede any time he wants to? I’m taking my football and going home. (I seceded from the United States a long time ago. No one noticed: not even when I pointed it out to them. No more than my church noticed when I seceded from Christianity. Demographers take no notice either.) Similarly, the city of Sebring Florida should be able to secede from the state of Florida as well as from the United States.

No. Can’t do it. It’s like that other lobster trap, marriage. (At least what old-time state law-and-religion used to make it, before the state decided (unconsciously?) to destroy the family by reversing its Draconian position on marriage. (There too I believe that people might try mating and unmating as they wish: nobody’s business (but their families’, their children’s, their neighbors’ …)

Hitler was “democratically” elected. Lots of dictators started off by accepting offers ranging from elections to pleadings. The dictator is rare who conquered his own political base. Once elected, emergencies are relatively easy to arrange. Democracy is highly perishable, has a short “half-life.” Like agnosticism.

Vote for me. I’ll represent you. Now that you’ve elected me to represent you, I’ve decided that representing your is a bad idea, not in your own best interests at all. In fact I think I’ll cancel all future elections.

See my joke where I suggested that Nixon pursue that line even more than he already was.

If we really want to participate in a democracy there’d be only one way to do it: form a society of no more than two hundred fifty persons (population frozen at that number as a maximum), all of similar size, strength, resources, intelligence … Preferably you should all be of one gender and have a single world view, epistemology, religion. If you all believe that two and two is five, don’t let anyone in who thinks it’s four. Go to war. Annihilate them.

If we really want freedom, there’d be only one way to go about it. Give up pathologies like property, like wealth. Let your population wax and wane with the availability of food and other resources. If you, your mate, your two children, your lame brother, and your old mother-in-law can find enough food to feed six people, then you might try a third child. If you can’t eat all the food you find, then have a population boom: just know that it can’t last. There. Now you can do what ever the invariances of nature (“laws” of physics, biology, psychology …) allow. (don’t forget: the other five of you are included in that psychology part. You find a nubile waif, completely at your mercy? Keep your eye on your wife before you decide what you’re going to do with her.)

2006 07 11 Sane population maximum

My long-held belief that human society is pathological in groups larger than two hundred fifty just got a boost from an unexpepcted direction. See Yahoo News:

The findings may show that pre-humans were slow to live in large social groups because disease outbreaks could wipe out those who did.

pk has “freedom” modules in several locations at K. I’ll restore the censored files and links next.
2015 08 14 Funny thing, conventional freedom, freedom of religion, though a subject ubiquitous throughout K, only gets its own module by that name today!

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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