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Mission: to regard freedom as might an engineer or philosopher, not just a political animal

Many an artist, many a great artist, has waxed poetic, lyrical, on facing artistic opportunity: the blank page, the blank canvas … the raw landscape … Poets, architects … Politicians, conquerors ….! Expand that even further: imagine a god about to create a new world, a new universe, a new cosmos … That artist, that god … that sentience must realize that each decision made will reduce the number of possible decisions to follow. If it’s paper you’re about to mark, then it’s not stone you’re about to cut. If you pick up a book of poetry, you haven’t picked up a book of physics. If you decide that parallel lines never meeting will be your first axiom, then you’ve automatically eliminated a great deal of other choice.

If you’re making a creature male and female then there’s no point in making it also able to bud. One you touch oil to canvas, now your work can no longer be a charcoal or pencil drawing, nor a pastel. Once you draw a line, whether in pencil, charcoal, or oil, horizontally, you’ve suggested a horizon: or a line relating to a horizon. If you’re manipulating space irrespective of position on a large body, such as a planet or moon, you’ll confuse any viewer who expects a horizon. If your first stroke is red, the possibility for all other colors simplifies: however complex they may remain, they’re simpler than infinite.

If the first thing you hand the baby is a violin, then the first thing you’ve handed him isn’t a baseball bat. If the first thing you do to the girl is yank on her boob, then convincing her that you are Prince Charming will be difficult. The explorer who hands out lagniappe on encountering people will have a very different set of next options from the explorer who sprays bullets first and asks questions later.

Once you’ve named the kid Fauntleroy you’ve assigned him a specific set of problems as well as possible opportunities. Fauntleroy’s second move will come from a smaller box of choices than Jim’s; though Fauntleroy’s box of choices will include choices not readily found in Jim’s.

Once the wheat growers decided that it’s okay to grow more and more wheat so that the herds and the nomad followers of the herds have to go around further and further until there’s a desert or an ocean in the way of their going around, a future for humanity is delineated very different from what it might have been had other first choices been made.

pk has “freedom” modules in several locations at K. I’ll restore the censored files and links next.

Freedom (Deschooling Rant)
Freedom (pk Glossary)
Freedom (Political)

It’s hard to restore 4,000 censored text files, especially when you’re broke, old, losing your sight and hearing, your inventions plagiarized, not rewarded.
I’ll trim duplications.

Social Epistemology

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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