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My living intellectual hero

Billy MacDonald

The smartest man on earth!

Marcio Ferreira

One of the greatest philosophers of the Twentieth Century

John Quintero
Referencing my founding of the Free Learning Exchange, Inc., 1970

You’re an interesting person: I don’t think I can stand it.

1961 co-worker

The one thing you’re not is stupid.


Oh my head hurts from trying to understand all that, let alone the picture …
Wow, and I thought I was intelligent!

Those two are responses to Macroinformation

That Paul, he doesn’t say much, but
he knows, man, he knows.

College class mate in the Lion’s Den, around 1957

Too much imagination

John Dennis Constance
(Continuing Education Director, Stone & Webster,
“explaining” why he was firing me)

On my knees

fellow graduate student (who’d coincidentally been kneeling
when pk began an analysis of a Milton sonnet
but then exclaimed that that was the
appropriate position given my reading)

Not human

said by an employee on seeing me obtain
an irrevocable letter of credit for $25,000
from someone met only a half hour before

Oh, I feel so sorry for you, you’re so smart,
you won’t stand a chance in this society.

said to me by the mother of a seventh grader who introduced me to her mother when I was around the eighth grade

2013 07 06 Jan and I watch a lot of tennis together. [Apropos of today’s TV announcement that Marion Bartoli, the new Wimbledon women’s champ had an IQ of 175 or so, Jan said she bet mine was “over 200.”
Nice of her to say so but I don’t trust the ability of the schools, the shrinks, society’s institutions to recognize, let alone measure, intelligence.

You must have been a genius when you were in school.

Joyce Wallace
I answered:
“I’m a genius now:
It just doesn’t do any good.”

That was around 2009. I’ve been multiply punished since, those hearing my response replete with venom:
like a Nazi hearing a Jew say that Nazis are antiSemitic.

Billy MacDonald quoted something on Hegel:
Hegel’s philosophic thought is very difficult to understand. Hegel himself is reported to have said, “Only one man has understood me, and even he has not!”
Marx contended that he was the one man who understood Hegel, and claimed that Hegel did not understand himself.

Then Billy says:”Just replace Hegel with pk.” !

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About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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