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In any taxon, certainly in any personal taxonomy, something can belong to more than one category: someone could have said something to me or about me regarding women and said it to me in school, in jail …

For a blunt fellow, you’re pretty sharp 🙂


Oh, your writing is phenomenal.

Billy MacDonald

Such a lovely, stark, and
succinct way of putting things
… appallingly honest.


I like it when your writing goes completely crazy!

Phil Rowe

Bring out the genius in this young man.

Michelangelo scholar Robert Clements
to Shakespeare scholar Richard Harrier, 1969

… wisdom …

Professor Robert Clements

You know too much: and you try to say too much.

Shaw scholar Dan Laurence, 1965

One feels less alone after reading you.


Kafka? No: a wholly original voice.

fellow writer, assessing my third novel

So profound


You sure can write!

The reader at Blue Jay Books,
failing to get the owner to back my first novel.

Alas, we cannot publish your letter to the White House.

The New Yorker
c. 1971 (emphasis added)

We love your stories, but “wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole”!

Candida Donadio Agency

My knight in shinning armor

A fellow grad student (female)
who witnessed my oral Shakespeare paper, 1969

I think you understand Abraham.

Mark Van Doren, 1958

Your stuff is great.

email, 2004 06 10

Send that manuscript to me yesterday!

Terry Carr
(just before dying!)

You’re deep. Deep deep.

Carole Ray

If I were you I’d throw all that away.

referring to my keeping my unpublished manuscripts
(and other evidence against the kleptocracy)

It sounds like you wrote some of them.

as I read Shakespeare’s Sonnets to her.

This remark will lose flavor unless you understand that my doctoral thesis was on Shakespeare’s Sonnets and further understand that it was my university’s failure to understand that thesis (or anything else I said or did) that led me to offer the public a cheap internet in 1970. Of course my universities didn’t understand that either!

I can always count on your writing to get me through a class … love your work, always have, always will.

Billy MacDonald

We’re calling you on the phone because we can’t say this on company stationary: we’d accepted your story, we hadn’t told you yet because we were trying to time it with a good guess as to publication date. But Willie Morris’ commission of Norman Mailer’s Prisoner of Sex has gotten us all fired, all the Morris’s staff’s decisions reversed.

Harpers, 1970 or so


R. Buckminster Fuller
on my story First Week
(I think I also tucked a FLEX flyer into his envelope.)

Ya da ya da

Kirby Urnar
The Fuller estate’s Bucky-heir on-line

Hey PK, good stuff…. not for the birds, it’s your writing. You have that gifting that can take a reader into what ever you are writing!!!!!

MorningstoryandDilbert blog

I was describing bob whites in a forest fire.

Note: It’s the nature of any new medium, on-line writing, for example, to saturate itself with recent things while keeping older things silent. We know a lot more about what Jesus is supposed to have said, and even more about what Paul was supposed to have said, than we know about what Noah or Abraham said. All my quote files were formed since the late 1990s. Today, 2011 03 23, I add a quote about my writing, the first one. But I’ve collected dozens of quotes about my writing: just not in the ’90s (or since)!

I’ll paraphrase one such here: The Candida Donadio Agency told me on the phone that every one in the agency, from Candida Donadio to the receptionist, had read every one of my stories at least once, sometimes more, and everyone loved every one of them, especially my First Week, “but wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole!”
(They’d have to slave the way I’d slaved. Eventual success would earn them 10% of $10. They’d be swiftly out of business.)

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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