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Miscellaneous About pk Quotes: and About pk the Teacher

You invented the internet!

James Kelly, Attorney at Law

Concept is/was ahead of its time

Richard Wall

You’re a great teacher.

zillions, most recently Martha re: dancing, 2010 11 12

You don’t have any peers!

James Kelly, Attorney at Law

(I had asked, “What about this famous jury of my peers?”)

Insight, courage and commitment

John Quintero


Larry Ettinger

Paul Knatz needs a Paul Knatz to represent him.

George, an artist, 1974

Crazy Paul

artist Ed Sokol, 1977

I’ll take you off to the LooneyTunes.

Sheriff’s Officer Barry Jones, 2000 June 10

You know just enough to be dangerous.

Stationers clerk, defending the store’s incompetence

The largest vocabulary I have encountered in twenty years of university teaching

Dan Laurence (Shaw scholar)

Personality problem

Rhet Chang, John Szoke (independently)

Don’t try to teach me anything.

my landlord

He’s trying to teach me.

Robert Vickrey

You write it, I’ll sign it.

Jack, my employer in high school
on his eagerness to write a recommendation

You are a go getter!!!
proud to be your friend
your buddy

Ahn Totton McQueen

pk Family Quotes
(My family was ahead of the curve in its disfunctionality at least two generations before I was born.)

If you ever turn your back on those kids you’ll need a shovel to scoop them up.

my father (according to my mother)

I disown you.

my mother

Paul is never not on vacation.

my wife

An emotional retard

my son

Jaw-dropping crazy

same son

Dangerous, delusional

father & son: back and forth, over years

A regular Paul Bunyan

My love’s neighbor on seeing me landscape her lakefront

Please leave me my illusions.

More than one lady friend

You’re blowing my mind …

(Communist) bookstore owner, distressed by some Nixon victory,
on being told that I loved the chaos of Nixon’s presidency
“Because I am an anarchist!”
(Of course that’s a joke: philosophical anarchists don’t love chaos:
I was goofing against the stereotype.)

You’re crazy.

Lots of people,
including women who were in love with me at the time!

What I like is that there’s always a point where your writing goes completely insane!

Phil Rowe

He’s trying to teach me.

Egg tempera artist Bob Vickrey,
resenting my birthday gift of Gregory Bateson’s Mind & Nature.

He’s awful.

Fine Arts Professor Dustin Rice,
smiling, to my girlfriend
after hearing me testify to orgasms from the nuns
standing before Dali’s (3D) Crucifixionin the Met .
(To astonish Rice (my after-class pal) further I added the joke:
That’s a hell of a way to spend Easter.

Always in the right he always put himself in the wrong.

That was said of HG Wells but is applicable to pk
(among perhaps a few others as well).

No one here will help you, Paul.

Neighbor Marty Hickman, 1990,
when neighbors aligned their mass with the inertia of the landlord.
(The law had told the landlord to cut dead trees, he didn’t, a tornado hurled dead limbs through park roofs, the tenants vowed to sue, then wouldn’t talk to the lawyer I found who’d agreed to address the group gratis.)
(As always I was the outcast for wanting justice.)

Hey kid, what’s holdin’ yer mama’s winda’s up?

That was shouted at pk when he was fifteen years old,
hipster-shuffling up Broadway in his blue suades,
blue suit, and white knit tie on blue shirt,
flipping a silver dollar with his left hand
and swinging with his right his house key
from a four foot long key chain cut from
the big spool of chain at the hardware store:
four cents a foot, instead of the usual three
for the chain not “gold” plated.

My friend of any talent!

Ahn Totton McQueen
(I’d just added a sample web page to a series of other
services for her Highlands Senior Center:

Paul is my best friend (and he doesn’t even like me!)

Simon (a chess opponent, in jail)

Paul is the only person I know who looks hungrier at the end of a meal than at the beginning.


Joya told me that drinks on the cruiser were 9$.
“I sure save a lot of money by not having any.

Quotes About pk, consists mostly of one liners, single phrases. Knatz.com’s Mail section displayed whole letters to pk, pk sometimes the subject. Macroinformation.org, to be remerged with Knatz.com when I can remount Knatz.com, had a section on feedback: scholars’ response to my theory of information. That’s extremely relevant. Some of those phrases too should be read in here.

Mr. Knatz cannot be beaten!


FDC Miami: Marcio played pingpong all the time, I hadn’t played since I was a kid, never very good. Except that Marcio still found a way to lose to me, then declared that I was invincible in all things. Nice to have a fanatical fan.
I will admit that I have talent: undeveloped in more than one area.

Artist. “I bet your art is great.”
pk, the art dealer. “I don’t paint.”
“Oh. Then I bet your art would be all the greater.”

Art Expo, 1978

Holding bin, redistribute, de-dup …

Quotes About pk

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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