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We so love the movies, we love the great heroes, the alphas, the leading men: Bogie, ‘Coop … I even like some of the current ones, especially seeing some of them age well.

And the women, Jesus! Lillian Gish wasn’t the first or only.

Once upon a time I’d used a string of stars as my “Eve,” my symbol of DNA perfection: fuck that one, the mother of the future. I responded to Elizabeth Taylor when I was young, she was young too, though not as young as me: I responded to her when she was old, and now that I’m old … Jeanne Moreau, Jane Fonda, Julia Roberts … And I also eventually responded to some beauties who made me puke when they were just getting noticed,

Jessica Lange
thanx cineplex
(there! I deliberately choose an image where she’s not young!
but man is she beautiful!

eventually may make me feel holy, immortal, part of a great chain of being.
Or, she‘s part of the chain; I’m just a bystander, but I see!

Think of your own examples, you don’t need mine. Though I just browsed a current pic of Jennifer Aniston looking much like Sissy Spacek once looked: cute, but on the ordinary side of cute. God, they get under your skin.

Well, everybody sees movies with Jennifer (this, that, or the other Jennifer): with Natalie Portman … blah, blah. I got to celebrate a couple of beauties I just saw that I hadn’t seen in half a century:

Antonina Shuranova
thanx cinerusia.

Antonina Shuranova. Jeez, I don’t think I’d seen her since the eight hour War and Peace from 1966.
She reminds me of Buster Keaton. Her beauty is dead pan, ordinary-looking. I am absolutely in love.
I was watching the Soviet biopic on Tchaikovsky, she plays his patron (whom he never meets in the flesh).
I wish I had a screen capture for where she’s preparing to meet him, has sent him a mash note; he doesn’t show up. We see her seeing herself in the mirror: tons of money, and no Tchaikovsky.
Ah, but in the same movie, there’s Maya Plisetskaya! I hadn’t seen her, hadn’t heard of her, since I saw Plisetskaya Dances in the ’60s! Zowie.

Maya Plisetskaya
thanx medici

She was in lots of documentaries, I can’t say which specific one I saw, half a century ago.

Well, whom I celebrate may change from day to day, so too with any of us. Yesterday I was all obsessed with Antonina Shuranova, with the Soviet realism of that biopic, with Russian music, with thoughts of recent re-readings of Tolstoy, of Gogol, of Turgenev … But then I slip in a different movie: now I’ll watch Russell Crowe, I adore Russell Crowe; but here I get:

elizabeth banks
Elizabeth Banks!
thanx diszine

Google some images, disregard the plethora where she looks like a whore, check out the ones where she looks like a great wife and mother! for a great Russell Crowe!

I gotta tell you, I just love being able to tell stories that refer to a half-century ago! where it’s clear that I was an adult then! How can anyone possibly take seriously any age younger than seventy-five? Goethe touted the 80s: maybe I’ll revise my statement in another decade.

2013 10 22 I’ve been prattling about Liz Taylor: added a comment relating Scarlett Johansson. Talking about fannies, Liz’s … Last night’s exposure to Scarlett Johansson takes the cake: The Island.

Scarlett Johansson, Island

This is the kind of trash science fiction I loved in the seventh, eighth grades: utopia reveals itself to be a factory for evil. Scarlett goes very well on the screen with Ewan McGregor. They do a lot of running, looking great: especially her, with that face, that figure. The outfit here is displayed as gleaming white in most instances.The camera grants the eager audience many a low view of those Johansson buttocks, stretching. My oh, my: couldn’t possibly get enough of that.
I want to mention one thing: once part way escaped, our couple gets down and dirty, covered with slime and grime. Those cute Gernsbach-utopia outfits are no longer gleaming white. Except for Scarlett’s behind. Her ass winks at us as pristine, sanitary, desirable: in all circumstances.

2017 02 04
Some actresses get under your skin more than once, some for a few years. Some actors for a few decades. Not many actresses bewitch you for several decades. Jennifer Aniston is one.
I sit down to watch Wild, Reese Witherspoon. I’ve loved her since she straddled girlhood / childhood in Man in the Moon.

Man in the Moon
thanx Mr.Movie

There’s an annoying coming attraction on this Cake DVC, then another. Then one has me mesmerized: Jennifer Aniston, by God, looking like hell, looking like a great actress: !!
When she was young how pretty she was, hiding those depths. But now … !!
Apropos of Cake: I disliked the movie, I disliked the character; but I love Roose Witherspoon. From girlhood to middle age, I love her.
That ain’t easy, or common, to love the actress but hate the character. Shouldn’t Trump have that character arrested?



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