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Just added a quote from Stephen Hunter’s Havana to my cops quote file. The Cuban state torturer, under Batista, under the CIA, under United Fruit, has teamed with a Mafia assassin to kill Castro: the teaming arranged by Myer Lansky. They’ve missed Castro but butchered a square block of the city. “We’d better get out of here before the police come,” says Lansky’s inept wise guy. The torturer blinks at him.

“We are the police.”

It reminds me of a business story that I must tell. In 1974 I’m running the Circle Gallery on Madison Avenue. Some New Jersey woman had bought an etching from my predecessors at the gallery. Something was wrong with it. I said I’d see what I could do. Circle was a Chicago company but kept a second-tier executive office in NY. I could have called Chicago, but made the local call instead. I had to talk to Eric, a thug in charge of all the semi-civilized managers of all the east coast outlets. I asked permission to resolve the woman’s problem.

“Fuck her,” Eric said.

In business you have to hide your aversions.
Fassbinder, Fear Eats The Soul

I tried to stall him: “she says she’ll write to the Better Business Bureau.”

Eric’s patience was strained.

“We ARE the Better Business Bureau.”

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