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Commercial Manipulation

I meet a gallery owner for the first time. Out comes the portfolio. I turn one, I turn two, I turn three: “Blah,” here and “blah” there. If I don’t see an order forming by the time I’ve turned and chatted about a dozen, one of my options, depending on my continuting “reading,” is to close it up and start the zipper.

“I’m sorry. I’m wasting our time here. I had thought you wanted to make money.” “Wait a minute. Take it easy. Of course I want to make money.” “Then why haven’t you bought any of the hot items I’ve already shown you?” “Uh, which were they again?”

Unzip. “Here: Jerry bought four of these before the ink was dry and had ordered four more by the time I’d deposited the first check. Here: Gertrude had this framed and in the window before I’d gotten everything back in the car. Back in the neighborhood the next morning, it was gone.”

The stories I’d tell were always true. But lies would have worked the same. For a time anyway. Even the implications were usually true: my clients usually did resell their purchases.

(The next line above referrs to selling the “art” as “product”: isn’t that the most gorgeously meretricious diction?)

Success in business breeds only success in business.

Speaking of irony:

I’d sell my last shirt to be a millionaire.
The Fixer

This expanded what had been a note in Masks.

Perhaps I should add this 2013 08 12 that the above technique was used most effectively by me when I was most desperate: writing, living out of my car, wanted only to close a sale so I could go back to writing in the woods, pk the FL State Park hermit.
Unfortunately, the technique deteriorated as I deteriorated. For a while a shower in a campground, a fresh shirt, can make you indistinguishable from a go getter. Old inventory can sell if it’s mixed with new inventory, the new inventory doesn’t ever have to be very good. But when you’re turning same-old, and the paper is dogeared … the whole show is damp, mildewed.
It’s like what they say about oil: when it’s half gone it may cost more to get it out of the ground than the oil is worth. If the retail is $50, you wholesale for $25, you have one left, you can’t have a million dollar advertising budget. You can’t even drive ten miles to get to a customer. That’s what writing my novels cost me: wouldn’t trade for anything.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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