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People in lots of times and places have hated the Jews. Why? People in lots of times and places have hated lots of people. And sometimes we kill without hate: Americans right now are killing helpless people in Afghanistan … Forty to thirty years ago we were killing people in Vietnam, in Cambodia, Laos … burning things, poisoning jungle, ruining cropland. Governments we pay no attention to are murdering cultures we’ve never heard of: Brazilians wiping out tribes, languages, customs we have no idea of the antiquity (or the value) of.

Six billion people in the world? — I don’t think we kill nearly enough. If we got it down to a half a billion or so I’d believe we were getting somewhere and wouldn’t quarrel about which eggs were getting broken or what of the excess was getting lost … But why the Jews? What makes them stand out as perpetual victims? Hitler blamed the Jews for everything he didn’t like. Earlier Europeans blamed the Jews for killing Jesus. But reasons are easy to come by when you want to persecute something: if they were consistent throughout history, if the accusations stood up to falsification, maybe we should pay some attention: as it is they’re just excuses. People in a genocidal frenzy don’t need very good excuses.

genocidal frenzy
thanx genocidewatch

Many of us feel no sympathy for the Jews whatsoever. Many of us share the hatred, wouldn’t hesitate to participate in a pogrom. Personally, I enjoy noticing in the Bible that the Jews themselves practiced all the crimes they object to when practiced against themselves: except that King David didn’t have the Third Reich’s industrial capacity for slaughter: or David might have come back from a raid with carloads of Philistine foreskins, testicles, ears, whatever … severed vulvas, slaves …

2014 11 10 In the thirteen years since I posted this I’ve been trying to spread horror at genital mutilation, including female mutilation. One culture raiding another commonly severs the girls’ genital oval and sometimes wear the pudendal lips as a hat. Balls were hung from the ball-bearer’s ears, balls were hung from the slayer’s cap: we all know that, we don’t all know how many guys’ mothers’ pussy was a trophy.
Today I blab something on the Zanuck movie Gentleman’s Agreement.

So is there a reason to any of this? The Jews come from the part of the world most hotly contested over the longest period. The fertile crescent became the Cinder Bowl a long time ago. Is it just that the “Levites” became “Jews” before the “Howeitat” became “Arabs”? Could it just be that the Jews complain more loudly than the headhunters who silently disappear along the Amazon? The Jews have one of the oldest, most famous books: literature is a propaganda organ. The Jews wrote their complaints down earlier than other persecuted groups: we have no comparable “bible” not only from hundreds of lost languages but from unknowable numbers of lost language groups.

Lots of people have been wiped out. The Jews are still here: numerously complaining about being wiped out. What gives?

The Jews Resist Blending

Sixty-three years old, Christmas breakfast, yesterday, I found myself spinning an answer for my friend Catherine who is used to hearing me talk without having asked a question. It’s because the Jews have a distinct identity that contrasts with any other culture. Others blend a lot; the Jews blend only a little. The Jews resist blending. That’s how come we know them. That’s also how come they get beat up on so famously. The Jews have character. The Jews have integrity. I’m not saying it’s a good character or an admirable integrity: just that they’ve got it. The rest of us blend with the scenery: when in Rome … The Jews blend with themselves: they don’t want to blend with us. If I lived among … oh say “Chinese,” and I heard other red-beards were getting strung up, I’d put ashes in my beard: not dye it redder. When forced to pass through the marketplace, I’d do my best to disappear. In Kowloon I’d wear a Kowloon disguise, not one from ancient Babylon. In Brooklyn, the Jews are disguised for the ancient Middle East.

One thing I love about the Jews is how clearly they don’t give a shit for anybody else. God was going to kill all those Egyptians, showing off? The Jews got their doors marked with blood: Jews in here. That’s Your People (you Big Moron). Go kill the filthy Egyptians next door.
[Note] Not at all like the Christians who just love their neighbors to death. We just so love everybody that we’ll napalm the gooks, teach the Muslims a thing or two about terror.

In New York twenty years ago, borrowing a guy’s apartment as I tried to write my first novel, I noticed a tiny pair of sculpted scrolls glued in the door jam: a mezuzah! The little knickknack was hardly an ornament [link expired?]. It was lacquered the same color as the door post molding. Jews inside. My host, a WASP if there ever was one, hadn’t taken it down when he moved in: may not have noticed it: very likely didn’t know what it meant. As I say, if I were in Kowloon and the locals were killing the red-beards, I wouldn’t mark my door with a red-beard sign. But the Jews do: not just Jews in here, God — don’t kill your people; but Jews in here, Black Shirt — ready and waiting.

The Jews are spread around now such that it would be very hard to kill them. “Others” everywhere would have to go on a pogrom all at once: about as likely as the chair I’m sitting on suddenly disassembling itself and reappearing on Aldebaran. “Others” simply don’t coordinate on anything: except kleptocracy: greed and kleptocracy. Ironically, a survival liability has turned into a kind of a survival guarantee.

2006 07 31 Mel Gibson, whose Passion movie sparked so much furor over anti-Semitism, significantly — before anyone had seen the movie, got picked up for speeding, driving under-the-influence, the other day. Now a delicious report gives a detail or two: fabulous.

My favorite part tells that the police hushed-up the original arresting officer’s report. The Malibu police must know who their tax-payers are! The Malibu police know that standards in daily use elsewhere don’t apply to famous multi-millionaires. According to the first arrest report Mel was aggressively anti-Semitic: Mel blamed “all wars” on Jews, asked the cop if he was a Jew, and — dig this — blamed not the Jews for “owning” Malibu; he claimed the distinction for himself, said he owned Malibu!

What’s true here? Who knows? But I promise this: if blaming the Jews for this and that didn’t characterize Mel on that occasion, I bet it did on many another occasion; and if not Mel, then more others than we could count.

Then again, the Jews told how they blamed everything on the snake, on Eve, on a Devil …

I wish one standard bit of anti-Semitism would be addressed and resolved: did the Jews kill Jesus?

Actually, make that two things: if the Jews did kill Jesus, so what? Lots of people have killed lots of people. If anything was special about Jesus that we should care, or that we should still care, what is it?

Was Jesus the son of God?
Wouldn’t we have to first prove something about God?
Shouldn’t we first prove that we’re talking about anything?
Shouldn’t we first prove that we’re competent to talk about anything?

(I know we’re competent to kill.)

What if we did prove something? (See pk on Proof.) Then what? What’s the punishment? Who should execute it?

We proved, didn’t we, after WWII, that Germans killed Jews (Gypsies, fags, Commies …) What did we do about it? We carried on mostly the same policies, didn’t we? [Continues below.]

If the Jews killed God, should some people be pinning medals on the anti-Semites?

What if somebody goes around just killing at random? Should anyone pin any medals on them?

Scapegoats Not Guilty

Oh: and I want to repeat a point from elsewhere: scapegoats are not typically guilty of whatever crime they’re convicted of; those doing the punishing are always the guilty ones.

I would rather be surrounded by people
who hate me in their heart
but whose conduct toward me and my property is exemplary
than by people who love me in their hearts but who
kill my cat, kick my kids, and key my car.
Rabbi Daniel Lapin


Big Moron:

How improbable. If anybody ever danced around protesting how much they love their god, it’s the Jews. And that’s exactly it: they protest too much. I’m reading between the lines. Read the Bible. Read between the lines. The Jews don’t really think their god is very smart. Adam and Eve think they can hide from him? God plays along? (We still think the same thing?)

The Christians are no better. Some Christians say that God wrote the Bible. Then how come he made Babylonian mistakes in math? God must really be some bumbling hulk if he (or his angels) need markings on the door, incantations in blood, little magic scrolls … to know where his prey lurk.

The Jews think they can lure the Creator of Heaven and Earth into a little box and hold him there for safe keeping. The Christians think they can bribe God if they spend 10% of their kleptocracy’s loot on a church building. Everybody thinks their god is an idiot.

Except me.

I’m enjoying the hell out of some of the jokes in a doc called When Jews Were Funny. I just copied a couple of gems to my Jewish Jokes post. Mostly I thought the doc was boring, insipid, self-indulgent; but that’s OK: the gems are there.

One gal cites the test question, “Would you hide me?” Ah, yes, very: Joseph Heller, right? Catch-22. Yes: “Would you hide me?”
Would I hide my Jewish friends if the Nazis were here? Yes, some, up to a point. And the Nazis are here: and I have hidden … lots. If the Nazis were here, Uzis in hand, and I’d shoved my son and my Jewish friend into the closet, and one of them had to go: I’d keep my son, of course. Maybe. Probably.
People aren’t very reliable saying what they would or wouldn’t do if if if anyway.

One of the first things ever cited at K., in the 1990s, early, was Sartre: “A Jew is anyone anyone else calls a Jew.” Nazi’s didn’t give theology tests. Nazi’s aren’t competent to know about theological minutiae; no, they’re competent to execute. Anyway, one of the Jewish comedians in the doc said something good: You’re Jewish if the cop is hauling you off to the gas chanber no matter how many times you converted to how many other religions.” The Jew is the one the Nazis will find and drag off no matter who says what, no matter who swore to what.

2016 11 11 I’ve now met the reputation of a major 20th century antiSemite, Karl Lueger, long term mayor of Vienna: a major teacher of Hitler’s. Who’s Jewish? He simplified the problem to “I’ll decide”.

2014 09 15 I just heard a wonderful characterization of Yiddish (in a biopic on Sholem Aleichem): Yiddish was for the Jews

a portable homeland!

Neat. Other cultural entities had territory they called their own; the Jews did not (or did no longer).

Cabaret Cascade
2016 02 19 Jan and I last night saw a DVD of Cabaret: first viewing for both of us. That musical rubbed me wrong since it debuted on Broadway. I failed to recognize Lisa Minelli’s talents for a long time: till Arthur, thanks to Cabaret. This morning I’m browsing around related topics, gotta laugh as I find that two production people for the movie were accused of antisemitism until it was realized that they were Jewish! Media are unaware of how common antisemitism is among Jews?! It’s like the prohibition against the word “n-“: no one can say it with impunity: until you’re “black”: then you can say it all day long.
The hypocrisy is appalling. Antisemitism was widespread in 1931. Antisemitism is widespread now. How dare anyone pretend to fictitious liberalism?

I add that antisemitism was the lest of my worries in watching this famous pop artifact. I puke at the trespasses on sex, on eroticism criscrossing perversion: the show girls look like they’re wiggling their ass/ the show girls look like they’re gonna poop in your eye.

Of all people in the world who have no right to pretend they were ever liberal, it’s A-: uh, I’ll censor that and say the Wasi’chu: Wasi’chu: Lakota for “white man”: the greedy pig. The Nazis were forthrightly antisemitic, kleptocratic, blind to trespass; Wasi’chu are all those things hypocritically, a-historically.

assemble crossreference menus, merge with related such

AntiSemitism At Home
2017 10 14 My friend calling from Canada asked if I was following the Harvey Weinstein scandal. “Weinstein is going to give the Jews a bad name,” I joked. She carried it further: “The Jews already have a bad name.” I love my friend, I can’t afford to boss her: I let it go. Except to mutter that lots of names get bandied about without being deserved: I trust Christian “naming” least of all.

Anti-Semitism Scrapbook


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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