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People don’t hear ideas until they’ve been repeated. So innovators starve, maybe get crucified. It’s the imitators who get rich and famous.

How many times does the pagan hear that Jesus loves him before he thinks that Jesus loves him? How many times did his parents hear it?

First of all though understand, there is no “Pagan” religion, never has been: any more than there’s such a people as “goyim”: or “barbarian.” These are things other people call us. Like a “Jew” is anyone a Nazi wants to murder without consequence.

thanx uchan

The “n-“word (Bowdlerizing K. 2016 07 31) is the guy dangling from the rope, not the gang lynching him. “Pagan” is what Christians called you if they didn’t count you as a Christian. All the US had to do to strip me of all rights was to hint that I wasn’t a patriot! Cheese, they take credit for finally “getting” 1% of what I’d been saying all along. Civil rights are for those doing the lynching, not those getting lynched. 2013 11 30 Don’t Know Much About the Bible, a fun book, says that pagan was a word early Christians invented to mean the official religion of Rome: you know, Jupiter, Mars, Venus. But elsewhere in that same book author Davis means by pagan what I’d just said. Still, I report his variance to my statement.

Finally, the pagan says, “Jesus loves me.” Instantly disappears into the group.

One of many lies we tell ourselves as Americans is that America rewards innovation. Sure: sometimes innovation is rewarded. More regularly it’s punished. Or simply remains invisible. People don’t hear ideas until they’ve been repeated. So innovators starve, maybe get crucified. It’s the imitators who get rich and famous.

Do you imagine Jesus was surprised to get crucified?
I’m sure he was surprised at the agony. The trick to courage is to jump in before you have a chance to chicken out, then it doesn’t matter how much it hurts, you’re in there.

The Communists invented the phone decades after Edison: because the Communists had to get credit for anything and everything. My Free Learning Exchange, 1970, was the worlds first offer of an institution to digitize records, store and retrieve cyberneticly, but voluntray, non coercive, tax yourself or it doesn’t get paid for. That’s the history that’s true; is it the history that gets told? No: check any university, any major medium: the NYTimes …

Any lie can work, any blindness can set the stage, so long as it’s kleptocrats and their bureaucrats who are keeping the records. Look in Third Reich records: how many Jews did the Nazis murder in their own accounts?

One thing: my internet, an expansion, brought into action, of Ivan Illich’s learning networks proposal, was non-authoritarian; not vertical, anti-coercive. The world has been vertical, authoritarian for 10,500 years. Of course the truth doesn’t spread about that hierarchy.

Paul, we want them to have it:
put it where they can steal it.

God to pk, 1970

If the trick slips, if the audience sees the magician’s mechanism — it’s two girls in two boxes getting sawn in half on the stage, not one girl in one box — they go Eww, the trick is spoiled, they lose their shilling. But if everything they own or hope for is controlled by the inept magician the audience will do anything to support the inept trick, anything to deny its actual experience.
The American who doesn’t want to live or work or teach in a kleptocracy where everything is mislabeled just gets bumped. With Lincoln’s American System giving Cheyenne land to the newly arrived white English speakers, pretty soon any surviving Cheyenne will join the line saying their name is Smith.

Well, liars can seem wealthy, powerful, burning the universe’s capital at both ends. If you want a burger before you die, conform, say you believe. “Jesus loves me.”

What happens though when it’s Jesus’ turn to speak? Will he have any say in whom he loves?

Is Jesus a truth teller? or another kleptocrat? Makes a difference.
Some of the conformers the state labels “scientists”: forces money on them. They look through microscopes, telescopes. Do they see truth anywhere? Not while the state is giving them a money enema.

People don’t hear ideas until they’ve been repeated. So innovators starve, maybe get crucified. It’s the imitators who get rich and famous.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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