Vertical Wing

Our ancestors were familiar with right and wrong, good and evil, with God and the Devil. Our parents and grandparents got retrained: the opposite of Right wasn’t Wrong; but Left. We replaced a vertical hierarchy-spectrum with a horizontal spectrum.

In the French Revolution, as the People killed this and that land owner, this and that scion of privilege, some of the land, loot, rent, income, property of the dead aristo transferred to the bloody republican. Some of the revolutionaries were becoming wealthy; others got nothing but the blood smears. Those with the loot cried, “Enough, I’ve fed, I’m sleepy”; those with the blood smears alone called for the revolution to continue. Those with the loot sat on the right; those still screaming sat on the left. Hence, our still-current Left-Wing / Right-Wing dichotomy.

Understand what happened: what was once vertical

vertical double arrow drawing

was now horizontal.

double arrow drawing

(Drawings by pk Never mind that I made one skinny, the other fat, just see the symbols, not the size.)

Put it a different way: we used spectra all along, but a cosmological spectrum, a theological / ethical spectrum has degenerated into a political spectrum.

Philosophy department
thanx baylor

Check out how Raphael sums it all up with the angles at which Socrates (Plato) and Aristotle hold their arms.

We’re told by Jews that the Jews are God’s Chosen People, the same Jews tell us that God is the chief architect magician, that he created the world, that he rules it: a boss.
I believed that all my life, till recently.

Now I figure it’s far more likely that the Jews heard about some other people whose way of life the Jews were displacing and stole their myths, their god, etc. while they were stealing their land, their technology: some little people, people before the Canaanites.
Human history is two million years old, you can’t look back six thousand years and think you’re seeing much.

So: I’m less upset than I used to be when I behold Christians stealing all of the Jews’ claims:

God doesn’t love the Jews; he loves US!
God may have given Canaan to the Jews (who cares about Canaan?); he gave the Indians‘ land, to US!
He gave black people’s labor to US!
(He gave black people’s music to us.)

We owe all thanks to God, to Jesus.
And Jesus was a white man, not a Jew.

White means what God means: it means whatever we say it means.
And never mind what we said it meant last week: that was last week!

And, most important: We Don’t Owe Any Royalties! (Unless the notes are held by “Republicans” that the fed chose to own the patents.)

That’s another reason that kleptocracies have to spend every penny they tax, spend it quick, so there’ll never be anything left over to compensate the pre-Jew, the Jew, the Canaanite … the Cheyenne … Tesla or pk.

Oh, the Raphael Disputa (detail) reminds me of a delicious Jewish joke. Let me see if I’ve already told it: then add it if I haven’t.
Yes, it’s there: as Anti-Semitic Revelation.

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Sentience & Semiotics

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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