Three Rulers

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Three Rulers of the Body: Gonads, Guts, Head

The woman leaps in front of the speeding car to save her baby. Is this a rational act? No: not if “rational” means ruled by the individual mind. Her actions are momentarily ruled by her gonads: preserve the egg at all costs (though here the egg has already been fertilized and begun development.) She is acting to preserve the future of her genes.

The executive risks his position when he goes sproing at seeing the blond. That’s his dick talking, not his head.

The vegetarian is starving. All he can find is a pork chop. He eats it. The starving Puritans of the Donner Party tasted human flesh. So would the majority of priests of whatever faith. Not all, but many. When the guts are empty, the guts rule. Actually of course, that’s an alliance between gonads and guts: without the guts, the gonads can’t function. Empty guts lead to a poor head as well.

When all is normal (and normal is viable) the gonads and the guts let the vain head imagine he’s in charge. Change the circumstances and either can execute a coup with little resistance. Some army general can take over the executive branch any time the circumstances seem dire enough (or propitious enough).

Imagine a scenario in which, head confused, defeated, the gonads and the guts somehow stymie each other. I believe that in this individual, the guts would win; in that individual the gonads would win; in few cases would the symbiosis yield to paralysis.

guts for brains
thanx coaching

But whatever man thinks, nature strives for variety. The future, given the right sequence of circumstances, could find the hierarchy altered. In a rare enough case the future could descend from a really disciplined head: every body else dies, and the Buddhist monk survives, finding a surviving Buddhist nun: or he learns to clone himself.

I write this having just finished Ken MacLeod’s Stone Canal where I was filled with joy to find his post-human reprogrammed life forms and his rebellious AIs multi-tasking contradictory programs. But then isn’t that utterly realistic? don’t we all hover occasionally in cybernetic stasis between the urge to fight and the urge to take flight? Anyway, the tradition of social “education” that tells you that reason rules may seem a harmless error while the guts are full and the gonads are functioning, but when push coves to shove, we’ll all know better.

When I return I’ll tie in the second part of my original impetus here: to explore whether any such programming has a “left” and “right” wing. Does the gonads, the guts, or the head wish to maintain its perceived advantage? or carry the revolution forward? (don’t kid yourself: there isn’t anything we could possibly do or think that doesn’t carry over from some revolution some where, some when: maybe millions (or billions) of years ago.)


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