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If One, Then All Sharing Nuclear Deterrents

I’m just noticing that I have three references to nuclear deterrents spreading beyond governments. The most detailed of them cites Ken McLeod’s fiction on the subject: some private individual has a bomb and sells time shares in its threat!

I vividly recall the first time I ever heard someone speculate about nuclear threats spreading beyond superpowers till the Mafia had the bomb, the girl scouts … Scared the bejesus out of me: as it was supposed to. Even so I’m surprised it took me as long as it did to relate the probability to an ethics pk had already developed: if anyone has one, then anybody else should be able to have one. As-is, the generalization is preposterous — if one rajah has a Taj Mahal, could every untouchable have a Taj Mahal? Still, given some context, my generalization can grow on you: especially if the thing in question is dangerous, a weapon. If the crook has a gun, maybe the homeowner should also have a gun. If the cops have guns, then maybe the crooks too had better have guns. If the bullying husband has shoulders bigger than the battered wife, maybe the wife, even though she can’t change her genes, should start working out: or make friends with a tough.

If the governments can terrorize me with nuclear threats, then I want to be able to terrorize the governments with similar threats.

Do you think Nixon might have actually read any of my many letters to him if I had mentioned some megatons in the opening line?

Seriously. Think about it. If I shouldn’t have a nuke then maybe the fed shouldn’t have a nuke either. If the US has a kajillion nukes, then shouldn’t the poor peasants of Laos should have had at least one? Would we have crossed their borders with quite the same chutzpah?

There’s more to reflect on around this topic, but that’s a start for now. Oh, and make sure I say something about bad survival strategies of one species affecting the survival chances of others. Does anyone, any team, any consortium have the right to jeopardize the biosphere? If so, then planets must wink out left and right.

2013 08 28 When did the Cold War end? The USSR just kind of fizzled out. (I wish we’d follow.) Anyway, I hope this is still funny: it’s part of the K. that got wiped out by the fed in any case, an important document for that reason alone.


Start Working Out:

A day later: I recall the film Enough with JLo which imagines just such a situation. The wife takes up martial arts, takes it up hard. And it occurrs to me: she learned well because she wanted to learn. She knew why she was studying, had a goal, a particular target in mind.

How many chemistry students can say the same? How many physics students? French students? Latin? History?

Getting a job, making money … are not reasons sufficiently focusing.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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