Dual Species

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2008 08 29

The Possibility of Individuals

All humans are descended from one woman. We’ve been calling her Eve.

thanx kwekudee

The Bible has its Creator make Adam first, and then Eve; DNA evidence supports the opposite: Adam was of the old Homo sapiens species; Eve was of the new Homo sapiens sapiens species. The egg precedes the chicken since the chicken’s ancestor can lay the mutant egg.

What I wish to point out is that any of us could be a new Eve! or an Abraham.

I don’t mean we will be, I say we could be.

2013 08 31 Let me add: The Bible presents Adam and Eve as though, thanks to direct contact with God, they know that they’re Adam and Eve. The Bible presents Abraham as knowing he’s Abraham: God tells him so: father of a multitude. That’s not how it works in the world that science gives us occasional glimpses of. Eve might not have known anything: except that she wanted Adam to bring her a rabbit.
And, by golly, he did: bring her a rabbit.

Jews prove their Jewishness through the maternal line; though the Bible is always showing male lineages. The New Testament worries about Jesus’ forebears through Joseph, back to King David.

Jesus' forebears
Dig it: all male!
thanx jfbeddingfield

Mary gets short shrift. But that’s human culture — male dominant in literate societies (that is to say in kleptocracies). Could a mutation be sparked by a male? Could another species have one grandfather instead of one grandmother? I don’t see why not: this module assumes it, if only for the sake of argument.

The myth of the Jews has us descended from Adam and Eve several thousand years before Tiberius Caesar (I shouldn’t say BC because we’re talking about Jews). Science places its Eve one hundred fifty thousand years ago in Africa, around Lake Victoria. [That is: science as I was current with it when the peerless Piers Anthony Geodyssey series came out: he can afford to work at these things better than I can: I’ve been checking my science against the science of science fiction writers as much as against scientists for a few decades now.] [Note the pic of the Batwa people, ancient, ancient, shown above.] That mutant’s menses was altered, exaggerated, but her period of maximum fertility was concealed: that’s how we’re different, through the female. What we have no evidence for, and should expect none, is in how many potential Eves might have preceded Eve: how do we know that some earlier Homo female had the same sort of mutation, but she did Not alter the route of the Genus by mothering a new species?

Any of us could be a mutant. But not every mutant develops till it blocks out the sun for other life forms. There will be millions of acorns that don’t produce a mighty 1000 year oak but only thousands of mighty oaks even before human deforestation. Neither should we root for every mutation. The monster is born with his intestines outside his skin: should we hope that all future humans have their intestines outside their skin? Or should we silently bless the mother, the midwife, the doctor, the hospital aid, who silently bashes the monster’s head against the sink?

Not every mutant develops till it blocks out the sun for other life forms.

[How many monsters are murdered by the hospital is one statistic we will never have an honest representation of.]

I also emphasize: Eve changes the Homo species, radically. Today we’re the only surviving Homo species. The others are all gone, probably permanently, unless some PT Barnum opens a Pleistocene Theme Park with revived Neanderthal, revived Homo habilis, revived Homo Erectus … (Now that I would pay to see!) But: we hadn’t a clue about this in our vaunted consciousness till recently: very recently. Adam and Abraham and Jesus and Darwin all lived without knowing dick about DNA testing. In other words, major causes and major effects are concealed from us. Neither Alexander nor Caesar nor Napoleon nor George Bush can know major causes and effects.

The censors may destroy the saying, but they may be too late. King Herod may kill all the male babies but his soldiers may miss the one Messiah. Notice: all the Hitlers promising Thousand Year Reichs have been wrong about time and history. We should take scientists’ proclamations that Homo sapiens sapiens will now end evolution and live forever with two grains of salt. A new Eve or Adam could already have wrought the basic change, but we, or our replacements, not see it for another one hundred and fifty thousand years, or one hundred and fifty millions years: if sentience is lucky enough to have that much more time.

Habitués of Knatz.com will recognize what pk is talking about. pk has been blackballed, not published, finally arrested, jailed and censored! Does that prove that the society has succeeded in protecting itself from his mutant ideas? Did the US killing the Iroquois wipe out all trace of Hiawathan democracy? No. Even our perversion of Hiawathan democracy bears traces of its true origins. Even the world’s perversion of public data basing bears traces of the cheap internet I offered in 1970. The DNA map contradicts the family’s published genealogy.

With federal money regulating science future DNA maps may become just another rubber stamp for kleptocratic bureaucracy.

A dishonest culture cannot have real science for long
no matter what labels are used by the rulers.


This kleptocracy presents itself as a meritocracy. We are encouraged, in the teeth of experience, to believe that quality is nurtured. In 1970 I offered the beginnings of a public data base that, fed, would have facilitated the cheap digital publication of all opinions, all writings. Then a free marketplace (implicit in my system) could have seen whether it is cream or scum which rises. My offer was encouraged, then sabotaged, then coopted. The mutant didn’t determine the future: yet. Cream may rise, scum may rise: but my experience proves what we should already have known: we do not have a free market place, we are an audience at a manipulated magic show. Publishers publish writing only when they believe that can profit from it, or when they believe that they must match the widow’s mite in order to retain monopoly of the wand.

As it is the naive think that the marketplace nurtures merit, literary or philosophical or scientific or historical quality. And common sense can easily find examples that are true: This was published, this prospered, this is good; therefore, quality prospers. The only way a God at a Judgment will get my willing ovation is if God acts as a Wason Test: a falsifier. Find one thing of quality that did not get published: that smashes the belief forever. Among the rational.

Unfortunately, reason stands no better chance than quality in the lotteries of the kleptocrats. It will be embraced only where the rulers see immediate temporary benefit for it. Otherwise, it’s pabulum … entertainment …

PS on the above above: I’ve said before, I repeat in this context: Alexander’s brothers might have made just as good soldier-general-conquerors as Alexander, but Alexander had them killed before they could prove anything. So too might have the sons of Shaka Khan (or the daughters of Mother Theresa in a different universe). The hive kills the excess queens. Any of them might have been a bee-Eve. In an infinite number of alternate universes, All of those Eves might have been fruitful. Until we can compare experiences, we don’t know anything.

2013 08 31 Image comes to me, editing the above, loving it: in nature we found our own food. Grouping we sometimes found all the more food, and protected ourselves better. But civilization has destroyed the earth in which food could be sought or found. More and more of us are fed in the mess hall: or starved by the mess hall. And the majority know: if they want their tray to be nourishing, they’ll blink at the magicians’ inept illusions. That means agreeing with the Temple: against Jesus: agreeing with Harvard: against Leary: agreeing with the Times: against experience: joining the mob, to stone Hypatia, burn Priestley’s lab.

I’m glad I tortured you.
Repo Man

We are the exception that proves the rule, no rule need have any true examples. And when it absolutely doesn’t wash, have faith.

How long did it take for the Constitution to become as false as the Bible? Not long at all.

Mutant Ideas
Dual Species


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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