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New Years Eve, 2002

The World is for


and My Family
and My Friends and My Family’s Friends and My Family’s Friends’ Families
(and I’m not really sure about friends or their families).

In fact I’m only sure about my own family:

my immediate family that is:
the ones I like:
the ones I get things from.
OK, and a friend or two.

Now tell me:

Why shouldn’t I conquer and enslave anyone who isn’t my immediate family
or my best friend?

And if I feel this way, and see the inexorability of my logic, why shouldn’t I realize that you(!) might feel the same way? Thus I would eminently be justified in a preemptive strike against you and your family and your family’s friends and your family’s friends’ friends … whether or not I want to conquer and enslave you: or rape or cannibalize you (if I feel like it)?

In that case I definitely made a mistake to

go to Sunday School
go to church
go to school
go to college
to study Humanities
become a Humanist
teach college
teach period.

I should have studied weaponry, martial arts … been a mercenary: just to practice dominance.

thanx narnia

Oh yes, and I should really have weighed in at a little better than 5′ 8″ and 140 pounds.

Absolutely I shouldn’t have written Voices, or The Model, or Beginning, or Dark Beacon. Absolutely I shouldn’t have followed Ivan Illich or have founded FLEX.

In that case I absolutely continue my mistake in slaving over

writing these Society modules bothering to tell the world about FIX & FLEX, writing my Thinking Tools. laboring to use myself and my experience as an example

to follow
to shun

It is utterly foolish, not for me to be inventing Macroinformation, but for me to be attempting to share it with a world I have not yet conquered and enslaved. I have no police in my employ to coerce people to read my stuff, no judges in my pocket to coerce them to pay me royalties once they’ve read. But then, such thoughts are foolish. There was no need for me to have invented Macroinformation; any ad agency has already mastered it: keeping it secret among themselves, for themselves and their shareholders.

I once asked Nixon to make the government subsidize my meditations to metabolize nukes in my large intestine. I was kidding of course. It was supposed to be an insult. Comedy. (Low comedy.) Now who’s laughing? That’s exactly what I should have been doing all along. note

If it’s true that we are here to help others,
then what exactly are the others here for? Anonymous

I write this New Years Eve, 2002. I already had new years comments up, so this is extra.

He gives his wives and his children and himself
anything he wants.
Stephen Hunter, Black Light
[emphasis added]

General Note

I once went into a Fort Lauderdale bookstore with a radical Christian who had renamed herself Radiance. As I poked in the science section, she poked in a section that had a weird mix of “spiritual” books, mostly at a “self-help” angle. She showed me a title: The Me Generation. I noticed that it wasn’t by Tom Wolfe, author of the phrase. I flipped through the book. I saw no credit, no mention of Wolfe. Radiance touted the author as her favorite. I quickly assured her that his title was plagiarized from Tom Wolfe.

It’s now 2004 03 17, so this module has been up more than a couple of dozen months. Why hadn’t I credited Wolfe until this moment? Perhaps I thought it was obvious to all.

Wolfe has no monopoly on concepts such as Narcissism, but he is one of our great phrase makers. He’s also among our boldest commentators. Hey, Tom, how’s it hangin’?

2013 08 31 Aye, Wolfe has done such great work since then too!


Doing All Along:

I mounted the above and then a series of things occurred to me. First, Homer’s Odyssey: Have you read it? All of it? Do you remember it? All of it? Book Twelve!?!?

Odysseus goes off to Troy. We all know that. Odysseus comes home, finds his most prominent subjects living in his house, courting his wife, pushing his son around. We all know that. Odysseus kills them all. We all know that. But did you read it to the end? What does he do next?

Odysseus kills all of his rivals’ friends and families!

Now he can have peace.

Also, one of my favorite lines in movies: At the end of Yojimbo, the yojimbo (bodyguard) has killed everyone. Everyone but the inn keeper and the cooper, that is. With a straight face he gives the familiar Western line: “I guess things will be quiet around here from now on.”

PS: I said above that I was 5′ 8 & 140. That’s my average adult size and weight. Approaching 65 I’m quite a bit fatter than that without having a bit more muscle to excuse it. No, we get fat, and old, and slow, and clumsy, and stupid. Of course most people could hardly get stupider than they were to begin with.

2013 08 31 I sure enjoy my misanthropy: as I enjoyed it in my forebears: Swift, Twain … Russell Baker … Reading a book on Priestley that quotes his correspondence with his friend Ben Franklin I’m reminded that Franklin should never be far from any such list. Franklin sympathizes to Priestley over all the innocent mice he’s killed in his laboratory experiments, Ben wishes he’d uses boys and girls instead.
So we both get it from Swift: Twain too.

The graphic style of the original was better, I had better control over the HTML a decade and two ago. Who knows what I may be able to do with it tomorrow though.

Radiance note
I loved Radiance, at first, because she was a Christian, a serious Christian, tried to help me, while she was near starving. She’s slaved for some evangelist, given him her house, transferred the title, then he kicked her out, keeping the house! And there she was, ready to do it all again! I love Christianity’s total absence of self-preservation.
What I do not love is Christians’ obstinate dishonesty or arrogant illiteracy.
They say they’re the good guys, fine, so have lots of kleptocrats. Then they destroy the library of Alexandria. They weren’t the first. Then they murder Hypatia, say it’s a holy act … Then they say they’re the good guys!
Radiance was claiming something plagiared as though it had qualities of ethical, spiritual leadership: and the Christians are so wholly illiterate, so wholly dishonest … If they don’t know something they can’t imagine that anyone knows it!


About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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